Military campground
Military Campgrounds

Military Campgrounds: 5 Reasons We Love Them

Are you looking for a great place to park your RV? Last year, we spent 152 days camping at military campgrounds. We love staying on military bases and always look for them before any other campground. There are hundreds of military campgrounds at amazing locations with luxurious amenities just waiting for you.

Military Campground: Fourth Cliff Recreation Area
Fourth Cliff Recreation Area
Hanscom AFB, MA

Why We Love Military Campgrounds

1. Price

Campground fees will vary from location to location with the average daily rate at about $15-30 per night. Since we hit the road as full-time RVers, we have paid between $19-$50 per night and $450 monthly. Although, military campgrounds are much cheaper than local campgrounds they provide the same if not more amenities.     

2. Campground Amenities

You may be surprised to find beachfront access, lake access, or stunning mountain views at military campgrounds. We had beautiful views of the Colorado mountains while staying on the Air Force Academy and walked right out on the beach from our campsite at Pensacola Air Station and Fourth Cliff Recreation Area. We were also provided beautiful sunsets on the Potomac River thanks to the military campground on Fort Belvoir.

Other amenities at military campgrounds may include a laundry facility, lounge, dog park, WiFi, playground, cabin rentals and so much more. Wildlife such as deer, wild turkeys, and other animals call military campgrounds home which will enhance your breathtaking views.

Military Campground: Oak Grove RV Park, Pensacola, FL
Oak Grove RV Park
Pensacola, FL

3. Base Amenities

There are many base amenities that can be used when you stay on a military campground.  A great place to start is the Tours and Tickets office. They can provide information on things to do in the area as well as discounts for local attractions. The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation office should be your second stop. They can provide rentals for items such as boats, kayaks, skis, snowboards or other outdoor equipment to enrich your stay. Base amenities may also include the commissary, gas station, exchange, pool, and gym.  

4. Safety

When traveling to new areas it can be difficult to know which areas are safer than others. Military campgrounds provide you the safety and security of the military base. This is one stay that won’t require you to search the internet for crime statistics. You can also stop by base security for tips for areas you might want to avoid when exploring the local area.

Military Campground: Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

5. Community

Military campgrounds also provide an amazing community of like-minded RVers. The military culture is unlike any other and when you stay on the military base you will be among people with shared experiences. It is a great place to expand your community and possibly your circle of friends.

Finding Military Campgrounds

There are many resources available to help you find the perfect military campground. Military Living is an excellent resource for all types of military travel, including campground information. Each military branch also has its own resources: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard. An often overlooked resource is the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation office on your local base. So don’t forget to drop in there for info.

Military Campground: Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX
Fort Sam Houston
San Antonio, Texas

Who Can Stay

Military campgrounds are available to active duty, retirees, reservists and some Department of Defense personnel. To see if you are eligible to use these facilities check this website: Military Eligibility.

So, the next time you are looking for a campground be sure to see if a military campground is close by. Because they are the perfect place to park your RV. And when you get there be on the lookout because you might just find us there as well!

Author: Stacy Farley, You, Me & the RV – All rights reserved


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    I have to say that as a Disabled Navy Veteran I’m very disappointed
    that Veterans are not allowed to use this service…
    Thanks for sharing this information with us.
    Have a great day and be blessed.

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    Mary Mills

    We too love our military campgrounds. Another amenity, if you’re handy, is the auto hobby shop. We’ve done truck brakes and oil changes there. It’s great to do the easy stuff and have your vehicle up on a lift. When done we go out to eat on the saved money!

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    Hi Stacy,
    Excellent write up about the perks of using campgrounds on Military bases. Totally agree about the pricing and the safety of staying on a base. We have stayed at 2 so far this year and paid $12 per night for one of them and $20 per night for the other.
    Being a Marine Corps spouse, you know I have to say it: you left out the Marine Corps 😉 Of course they do not have as many bases as the other services, but there are campgrounds on most all of the larger base locations such as Camp Pendleton, CA, Camp LeJeune, NC, Barstow, CA, and Albany, GA. to name a few.)
    Also, as you mentioned, the MWR is truly an excellent resource.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs – just need to remember to come check your page more often – lol.
    Continued safe travels to you and Philz 🙂

    • Avatar


      I assumed they were under the Navy and with the Navy lodging! Shows you what I know. I have corrected this error. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Avatar


        Too funny – but as most things relating to the Marine Corps seem to be attached to the hip of the Navy, I can certainly understand how you made the assumption. The Marine Corps loves the Navy even if we do like to crack jokes back and forth with each other. 🙂

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