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Create Your Own Travel Map for FREE!

Creating your own travel map is a very simple process and free with Google maps. I love keeping track of everywhere we have traveled and watching the colors of the map multiply after every update. I will walk you through the process of creating your own travel map step by step.

Step 1

Google Map
Log in or Create a Google Account

Log into google. If you forget to log in you will not be able to save all of your locations and all your hard work will disappear as soon as you close the page. If you don’t have a Gmail address you can create one very easily. Click here: Google and then click create account.

Also, be sure to use a computer application. You cannot create a map on a phone or iPad.

Step 2

Head over to Google Maps. Be sure to look in the upper right-hand corner to make sure you are logged in. If you don’t have a picture uploaded for your Google account it will usually have an initial where you see my picture.

Logged into google account
The Small Picture Shows that I am Logged into My Google Account
Google Map
Not Logged into Google

If you see the sign-in box you are not logged into Google and your map will not be saved.

Step 3

Click on the 3 bars on the upper left side of the map which will open the Google maps menu bar.

Google Map
Click 3 Bars
Google Map Menu
Google Maps Menu

Step 4

Google Map
Click Your Places

Find ‘Your Places’ about halfway down the menu. That will take you to your next step.

Step 5

Google Map

Click on ‘Maps.’

Step 6

Google Map

Hidden at the bottom of the page you will see ‘Create Map.’ Click that to begin your new travel map.

Step 7

Now, this is where all the magic happens! You can name your map by clicking on ‘untitled map.’ Then check the box next to the untitled layer (I will show you why later). Click ‘untitled layer’ to change the name of that layer. Then, start adding to your map by typing an address into the search bar.

Google Map

Step 8

After typing in your first address, click ‘add to map’ to save the location on your new map. Your location will appear with a green icon on the map legend on the left. I am using our favorite Army Corps of Engineer Campground for our example. You will notice I changed the name of our map to Blog Example Map and the first layer to camping 2019.

Google Map

Step 9

During this step you can personalize the location you just added. You can upload a picture to your map to remember the location. You can edit the name of the location, the icon symbol, and the icon color. The next to examples will show the before and after of this step.

Google map
Google map

Step 10

You can add as many layers as you want to your map. Below will show you the benefit of adding layers for different map categories. You can layer by year, type of location (boondocking, etc), or type of campground or whatever you choose. The first pic shows both of the layers on our map which are 2018 and 2019. The following two pictures turns off one of the layers while leaving the other on. I love this feature! You can see I also have a layer that includes must-see locations (I am not so good at keeping that layer up to date).

Completed map
Completed map
Completed map

I plan to add layers to include places we have traveled together on vacation before we hit the road in the RV and places we visited thanks to the Navy.

Have a great time filling in your map. I hope this made the process super simple for you. After you complete your map please share it with us on our facebook page or our RVillage group. We would love to see them!

Take care and safe travels. Stacy

Author: Stacy Farley, You, Me & the RV, All Rights Reserved.


    • W. Jane Mungle

      This is a great idea and I can go all the way back to when I traveled for the first time across the USA with my parents in my Dad’s 18 Wheeler. He not only was in the Navy but moved people for a living after he retired from military life. I have traveled through lots of states but BC I was legally blind due to cataracts I didn’t get to enjoy all the beauty I am able to see today. Thanks for the great info. Our RV adventure is going to start next week with our change in Domicile from MO to TX.

  • Mary Lynn

    Thanks so much for making this so easy with your step-by-step directions!

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ‘Create Map’ link, so I did some searching. I finally learned, on a Google Support page, that you can’t create maps on iPhone and iPads, and I use an iPad. Drat and double-drat! Maybe Google will fix this problem when the new iOS for iPads comes out this fall. I hope so!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge this way!

  • Deborah Pernot

    Is there a way to print, your step by step instructions, Instead of me having to go back and forth between devices.

  • Spencer L Arias

    Thx for the post. I have been using this for a while but I didn’t use different icons for each place. Now I will have to go back and update our journey. We have just over a week left in our adventure. We started in Feb. 2019 and hit almost all of the states. Thx for the info. Maybe if you’re ever in town and you need a place to hang for a day or two, give us an email and we’ll hook you up. God Bless

    • Youmerv

      I hope you had a wonderful time on your journey. Enjoy the new colorful icons. We have hardly touched all the states. Thanks for the offer! Safe travels.

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