25K Mega Giveaway: Are you a winner?

I would like to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to all of the companies who so generously gave their products and made our 25k Mega Giveaway possible. Please take a minute to check out these amazing (yup, still saying it) products we highly recommend each and every one of them.

I would also like to thank everyone for participating in our 25k Mega Giveaway. Phil and I had a great time and I hope you had fun as well. We never dreamed so many of you would join us in the live mega event.

I am sorry it took so long to get the results to you. I am sure you are all chomping at the bit to find out the names of the winners. But the response was so overwhelming it took us two days just to cut out all the names, sort them and delete the multiple entries (yes, everyone gets only one shot for each product).

For those lucky enough to find their name on a winners list please send an email to with your name and address so we can send your prizes to you. So without further delay lets dive in and see the winners of our 25k Mega Giveaway….

The Road Life Project

We are really excited to share this new community with you! It is going to offer so much to YOU the RVer. Just to list a few: workcamping, help with homeschooling, kids and family activities online, and my favorite MEET-UPS! There will be something for everyone.

Sign up today so you don’t miss a thing:

The winner of a one year free membership to The Road Life Project is: Roamin’ with the Roses

You, Me & the RV Stickers

  • Joyce Hall
  • Susan Ferguson
  • Jim Kinnebrew
  • Carol Thiele
  • FLoYakLife
  • D Foley
  • Gypsy Roads
  • Mike Meehan
  • Chicadoo 4
  • Luis Valle
  • Anne Marie Murray
  • Mike Samsel
  • odieslc
  • Roamin’ with the Roses

ViaVista Voyages Travel Agency by Christina Field

Want to a trip of a lifetime? Christina can make that happen for you. Whether you want to leave the RV behind for a few weeks for the vacation of your dreams or you just need help finding unique experiences in a new city Christina is the person to call. And because she is an independent contractor that works with the Dream Vacations network she can use their power to leverage some amazing getaways.

Click here for your next DREAM VACATION

The winner of the portable charger is: Unclaimed

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a service that allows you to overnight RV park for free on private property. Locals invite travelers to spend the night, share their stories, and save their money for the real adventure. It is an great way to forego Walmart and truck stops as you head to your next destination.

Click here to see all they have to offer: Boondockers Welcome and be sure to use this code: YOUMERV to save at checkout!

The winner of a free one-year guest privileges subscription is: Wandering World Changers

Gas Stop

  • 100% EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF – GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the supply of gas in the event of a major leak or system failure.
  • GAS PRESSURE INDICATOR – The useful pressure gauge will let you know when your gas is running low, letting you plan your refill ahead of time.
  • MINOR LEAK TESTER – GasStop can also be used to test for minor leaks prior to use.

For more information on propane safety click here: GasStop and be sure to use the code: YOUMERV to safe 10% on your purchase.

The two winners of a GasStop device are: PamTrain & Mary Ann Meehan

Full Time RV Finance Book 2nd edition by Sean and Julie Chickery

Are you unsure how to financially achieve the dream of full-time RV living or looking to improve your financial stability while on the road? This book has specific tips to help you achieve your goal!

Some of the topics it cover are:

  • How to save money to purchase your RV
  • How to create a full-time travel budget
  • How to make money while on the road
  • How to save money and minimize costs while traveling full-time

To purchase your own copy off Amazon click here: RV Finance

The winner of their very own PDF copy is: Unclaimed

RVTrip Wizard

The rings are your preferred travel time.

RV Trip Wizard is an amazing tool that makes trip planning easy and keeps you organized. I have been using this program since we hit the road and I LOVE it! You can set your preferred driving distance or time and it will help you plan within that window. It also has over 17k campgrounds and 57k points of interest. I could go on and on about why I love it so much!! They offer a free trial so check it out for yourself. I know you will love it too!

To find out more or start your trial click here: RVTrip Wizard

The lucky winner of a one year subscription is: Rod B

Battle Born Batteries

Why we chose Battle Born Batteries:

  • The upfront cost Battle Borns lithium deep cycle battery is higher than a lead acid equivalent. But when you divide that cost of the life of the battery, the LIFEPO4 battery is cheaper than lead acid. We chose lithium batteries because they will give us 3000 cycles so we will be using them for up to 15 years.
  • They are much lighter than lead acid saving us about 60 lbs
  • They are much smaller than lead acid batteries
  • They require no maintenance
  • We now have 600 usable amp hours compared to the 225 usable hours we had with our lead acids.
  • Battle Born batteries come with a 10 year warranty! 10 years!!!

If you would like to more information on upgrading to lithium click here: Battle Born Batteries

The winners of the Battle Born swag are: Vicki Becker, Ell Jones, & Lori’s RV Life – Making Fun More Fun!


We purchased a set of SnapPads before hitting the road full time and we love them. They were simple to install. They provide more stability, more convenience, and less hassle. Phil no longer has to bend over to put pads under the jacks every time we change locations. Another reason to love SnapPads is because they are a small family owned business who provides excellent customer service. When you shop at small businesses an actual person does a happy dance!

When you purchase your SnapPads or order your free ones be sure to hit the submit your rig button at the top of the page to make sure you get the correct size.

If you would like to order you own set of snazzy new shoes for your rig click here: SnapPads

The winner of the free set of SnapPads is: Unclaimed

RV Trader

We or should I say Phil used RV Trader for almost two years before purchasing Ruby. It was a great way to learn pricing and to find floor plans that would work for us. RV Trader also has a ton resources available for you as you negotiate your RV purchase: insurance, RV buying guide, and so much more.

Head on over and check them out: RV Trader

The winner of the cool RV Trader swag is: Unclaimed


If you are looking for electronics for your RV this is the place for you! TechnoRV offers everything from: RV GPS, cell boosters, air compressors, to dash cams. What I love most about TechnoRV is that it’s owned by RVers! So they know your needs better than any big box store or Amazon. And they don’t just sell you the device they also are available for any help you may need in setting up, troubleshooting or operating the device. Their customer service is out of this world!

PS: They also travel the country in their RV, of course, teaching at different rallies and events. So you might just run into them out on the road!

See everything they have to offer: TechnoRV

The winner of the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System is: Scott Miller

Govee Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Since we purchased our Govee monitor we no longer worry about leaving Gizmo alone in the RV. This monitor uses WiFi to send you an email if the temperature goes outside of your preset range. The best thing about this product is the fact that there is no monthly monitoring fee!

To make sure your pet stays safe order your Govee off Amazon by clicking here: GIZMO

The winners of the Govee monitors are: Focused on the Road & Albert Smithe

Full Time Freedom Week

Full-Time Freedom Week is an annual online multi-day mega-event that teaches everything you need to know to become (and remain!) a successful RVer. We were lucky enough to participate in the event last year and it was yup you guessed it AMAZING! You don’t have to be a newbie to gain valuable information from Full Time Freedom Week.

They are currently working on the 2019 line up and I expect you will see plenty of your favorite RVers! The event is virtual so you can enjoy it in your jammies while in the privacy of your own home! The event will be November 5th – 9th.

Oh, and I forgot to mention they have daily giveaways during the event! Like huge giveaways!! You are not gonna want to miss this!

Be sure to head on over and subscribe for all the updates on this mega-event: FTFW

The winner of the Full Time Freedom Week virtual pass is: Unclaimed

Outland Living

We are so excited to tell you about Outland Living! We purchased one of their firebowls just as it started cooling off last year and we love it. It is small, light weight, comes with a lid and easy carry handle and fits perfectly in Ruby’s basement.

All of their products are CSA Certified and approved for use during burn bans unless jurisdiction specifies no use of propane fire. They provide a 1 year manufacturers warranty for all of our products no matter where you purchased it! So keep those receipts!

They also carry a line of camp stoves! To see all they have to offer click here: Outland Living

The 10 winners of a 25% off coupon for any of the amazing products on their website are:

  • plaz911
  • Four_Wheels_and_a_Highway
  • odieslc
  • Stephanie S
  • A F

Harvest Host

We talk about Harvest Hosts all the time in our videos. We love being able to stay overnight at unique places as we travel throughout the country. There are so many different types of places to stay such as farms, museums, wineries, breweries, golf courses and amusement parks. Currently, there are 748 locations and they are adding new locations every month.

Just look at all those options!!

If you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to join today: Harvest Host and use this code to SAVE 15% on your membership: HHFRIENDS15

The winner of the free year subscription is: JanRene Ashman


Phil purchased our EEZ TPMS before we even purchased our RV. After reading about the dangers of tire blowout we wanted to do everything in our power to be as safe as possible. This TPMS gives us peace of mind!

Some of its features include:

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Real time 24×7 tire pressure & temperature monitoring capability with 98.5% accuracy. 
  • Monitors up to 26 tires.
  • And much more

For more information about this product head over to their website: EEZ To purchase your EEZ TPMS from Amazon click here: EEZ

The winner of the EEZ TPMS is: Daniel Johnston

Congrats to all of our winners!
Don’t forget to email us your info!

Thank you to all of the companies who so generously donated to our 25k Mega Giveaway and thank you for participating in our live event. It was so much fun because you were there with us! Who knows maybe we will try this again to celebrate 100k someday!

Phil & Stacy

PS: If you are wondering how we chose the names, we used this randomizer:

All names were pasted into the program and it chose for us. Only one entry per person per item was permitted. We used excel to sort the names and delete code words and duplicates before pasting into the randomizer. Prizes must be claimed by August 1, 2019. All unclaimed prizes will be returned on August 2, 2019.

Author: Stacy Farley, from You, Me & the RV – All Rights Reserved


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