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Replace Your RV Toilet: Our New Throne

Is it time to replace your RV toilet? When it comes time to replace your RV toilet do not fear! It is the easiest do it yourself maintenance item we have tackled so far. The hardest part of replacing the toilet is choosing which model to purchase. We will show you how to ditch your old RV toilet and insert a new, improved RV throne.

Why we made the switch to a new RV Toilet

We decided to upgrade our toilet to a newer model for several reasons.

Old RV toilet with hard to clean ribs.
Old RV toilet with hard to clean ribs.
  1. The old model no longer had a tight seal and would not hold water in the tank.
  2. The old toilet had jets in the back of the bowl that did not completely rinse the front of the bowl.
  3. The seat was thin plastic with ribs on the bottom making it impossible to keep clean which drove me crazy!

Our New RV Toilet: Dometic 310

We chose the Dometic 310 to replace our old crappy toilet (pun intended). After using it for a few weeks, I can tell you we LOVE it and wish we had replaced it long before it lost the seal. It feels like a toilet that would be in a sticks and bricks.

We purchased our Dometic 310 toilet from Amazon for $196.35. It is in our You, Me & the RV Storefront if you would like to read more about specific details and dimensions or to purchase it yourself. Just click here to go to Amazon: Dometic 310

Our favorite features include:

  1. Jets that are all around the top of the bowl that easily rinse the entire bowl.
  2. We are using less water with each flush because it rinses easily.
  3. The seat is solid and not made of cheap plastic which makes cleaning is a cinch. No more ribs to fight.
  4. The seat and lid are both soft closing seite web.

Taking out the old and bringing in the new

Replacing your RV toilet could not be simpler. These are the steps we followed:

  1. Turn off the water to your RV by turning off the water pump if boondocking or turning off the spigot if connected.
  2. Flush the old RV toilet to remove any water in the bowl and water line.
  3. Place a towel under the water line in the back of the bowl to catch any water drips.
  4. Remove the water line to the bowl. It should easily twist off.
  5. Remove the caps from the screws on each side of the RV toilet.
  6. Remove the nuts from each side of the RV toilet.
  7. Place an opened trash bag on the floor in front of the toilet.
  8. Put on gloves just in case it gets messy!
  9. Lift the toilet off the screws and place the bottom into the trash bag.
  10. Raise the trash bag and ditch that toilet!!
  11. Clean floor and flange if needed.
  12. Lift the new toilet and place it on the mounting bolts.
  13. Place nuts on the bolts and tighten.
  14. Attach the water line to the back of the bowl.
  15. Turn on the water or water pump.
  16. Flush toilet to clear air out of the lines.
  17. Flush toilet and check for water leaks behind the bowl. If leaking tighten water line.
  18. That’s it! You are done. Great Job! Congrats on your new throne!

Step by Step Video

Check out this video if you would like to see Phil ditch the crappy toilet for the new throne!

Have you replaced your RV toilet from the cheap builder’s grade toilet to a better model? Let us know in the comments below about your new model and what you like about it.

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RV repairs: Replace the RV Toilet. This RV repair is a simple and easy DIY. Change that old toilet out before your next camping trip. This DIy can be used in motorhomes, campers, travel trailers or 5th wheels.

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