• RV cooking

    RV Cooking Tips & Meal Planning

    Cooking in an RV is not that much different from cooking in a sticks and bricks. You can still make all of your favorite foods and fill all those hungry bellies! Trust me no one will starve and that includes Phil! But there are a few things to think about before dinner is made. Today, I thought I would share some RV cooking tips that I have learned since I hit the road full time. Plan Meals Based on RV Hookups I plan our meals based on what hookups we will have. Although, our Battle Born batteries can handle everything I throw at them they will still eventually need charging.…

  • Progressive EMS

    Progressive Industries EMS PT50x or PT30x for RVers

    Protecting the RV’s appliances, electronics, and electrical systems are a top priority for us. The last thing we want to do is fry our equipment or worse, start a fire! Our Progressive Industries EMS PT50x RV surge protector gives us peace of mind every time we plug into a pedestal. One of the very first purchases we made for the RV (Ruby), even before we had physical possession, is our portable Progressive Industries EMS PT50X.  What is that you ask?  It is an Electrical Management System with Surge Protector for 50-amp service. Progressive also has a unit for 30-amp service. The goal of the surge protector is to protect the…

  • 50 Best RV Apps to Make Life Easy

    If you are looking for apps to make your RV life easier then you have landed at the right spot. We have compiled a list of over 50 apps to make RV life easy and fun. We have also included a few websites that are a must for every RVer. So let’s jump right in and talk about what these apps can do for you! Safety 1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Apple: Free Easily find out about weather, news, and crime happening around you. Includes live police, firefighter, emergency news and ham radios. Android does have similar apps available. 2. First Aid – American Red Cross Android/Apple: Free Provides expert…

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