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Journey Back to Fitness as a Full Time RVer

Like many people, I have struggled with health and fitness throughout my life. I have been through periods when I have been in great shape and felt fierce and other times when I would walk no farther than the fridge to grab some salsa for my bag of chips! I thought when we started our full-time RV adventure, all my health and fitness challenges would disappear. But that didn’t happen. Instead, there are new and exciting obstacles that make it hard to stay on track.

Health and Fitness Wins

Insanity shirt
I earned that shirt!!

I can be very laser-focused, which has helped me to achieve many goals in my life, including my fitness goals. I got off my butt and completed the 12-week Insanity workout program back in 2012. I stuck to that 60-day schedule even when I worked 15 hour days at the hospital. Nothing stopped me. I earned that shirt and the arms that came with it!!

I also completed quite a few half marathons. Initially, my goal was to run a 5k without walking. And the next thing I knew, I was sucked into running half marathons with Phil and my crazy friends. Although I was never the fastest, I always finished. But once Phil was no longer able to run thanks to his knee, I also stopped running. He loved running enough to keep us both motivated, and without him, it was easy to hang up my running shoes. 

Health and Fitness Losses

I am sure you have heard this story before. I fell off the wagon due to stress and long work hours and lack of motivation. I think many people have those same challenges. My worst loss was during grad school. I ate every time I opened a book to study, and let’s face it I studied 24/7. Nurse practitioner school was stressful, and I am a stress eater. I bet you can guess what happened during those two years!

Full-Time RV Fitness Challenges

Laughing Moon truffles
Laughing Moon, Stowe, VT

I thought it would be easier for me once we hit the road. But it has been the complete opposite! We have been enjoying not only the sights and sounds of the beautiful places we have visited but also the tastes!! And oh, have there been some incredible tastes. I don’t know what I have loved more the clam chowder in Boston, jambalaya in New Orleans, BBQ in Kansas City, or the chocolate truffles in Stowe. Not to mention the breweries and wineries at all the Harvest Hosts we have been fortunate enough to visit. So as you can see, there are many new and delicious challenges along our travels. 

Getting Back on Track

fitness getting back on track

I have decided it is time to get back on track. I have set some new goals for myself, and I will be working hard to reach those goals. But I thought it would be fun to bring you along with me. We can cheer each other on and help to motivate each other. So what are your goals? Do you want to walk a mile without stopping? Do you want to run a 5k? Maybe your goal is to be active three days a week. Whatever your goal, grab your pom-poms and we will cheer each other on right here.

Fitness journal

Fitness Journal

I will be journaling my fitness journey weekly for the whole world to see. My wins, my losses, and my lazy days. I will put them all here for everyone to read. I am hoping you will help me stay motivated, and maybe I can help to motivate you a little along the way. So make sure you come back every week to see my progress or lack thereof! lol

My Goals

  1. Run a 5k without stopping.
  2. Tone the jiggly parts.
  3. Fit in ALL of my clothes without jumping up and down to get them on!
  4. If my ankle allows, train for a half marathon.
  5. Look good in my birthday suit.
  6. Feel FIERCE!!!!

What are your goals? Share your goals in the comments. I know if we work together, we can accomplish anything! Don’t forget to come back next week to make sure I stay on track!

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    Lola Saxby

    Great goals! I’m going to be full timing travel nursing in my 22 foot pleasure way RV in 17 months. I’ll be solo so need to be strong and healthy to handle anything that I might encounter. I use beachbody on demand for a variety of workouts.

    • Avatar


      Beachbody is awesome!! I did that for a while. They have great workout options. Good luck as you move toward your journey.

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    Peggy Reinwald

    My long-term goals are:
    1. Lose 50 lbs! ( why did I let this happen?!)
    2. Get healthier.
    3. Feel good about what I see in the mirror!
    4. Make my kids proud!

    My short-term or weekly goals are:
    1. Use my recumbent bike every day. ( I just
    found out I have osteo-arthritis in my right
    2. Use my hand weights – 3lbs- every day.
    3. Remember to be thankful and pray every

    • Avatar


      You have great goals! I love that you listed short and long term goals. I always need to see those small wins to keep me motivated to keep going toward the long term goals. You can do this!! I know you can. We will WIN together.

  • Avatar


    My same intention started this morning. We retired and hit the road and I have no healthy routine.

    Feel strong again
    Eat better
    Run entire 5k

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    Kudos for putting yourself out there and sharing your journey. Due to constant change which is just part of this lifestyle, it makes it difficult to stay on a healthy track. A twisted ankle and loss of a toenail 😣 in 2018 curtailed my hiking and most of 2019 was spent easing back into walking. My goal now is to hike my way around Phoenix this winter. We’ll see how long that lasts … Oh, and step away from the chocolates!

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    Plan is to go full-time 2020 – as soon as I find the RV. My thoughts are exactly as yours – as soon as I go full-time, I’ll be much healthier – eat better, hiking and more exercise. Happy to know now that this probably isn’t a reality unless I actually have a plan. 🙂 I’m 60 and last three years have struggled with gaining almost 40 pounds. BP is rising and family has history of heart disease. Want to nip in the butt now before it gets any worse. Definitely need a plan now. Will be thinking about this and getting back – want to join in as it’s always easier when you have support. We definitely can do it!

  • Avatar

    Stacey-Livin' Life to the Mac's

    Love this idea. I do tend not to snack as much on the road because it’s not as easy to run to the store or gas station but I don’t get much exercise either. I’m going to be more conscious of my in and out through the holidays and really start focusing in Jan. After new year’s of course 😊

  • Avatar

    Clare Star V.

    I am glad to see you considering a health routine again.. I wish I could as well and my husband needs to badly..We are in the middle of downsizing and changing our lifestyle, that how I found you. ( because we have been still wanting to do the RV life someday ) When I was younger, I too was always a health buff and exercising. I had my last set of children at 40 and After I turned 50, I hardly had the time or energy to do much for myself. Almost 10 yrs later , I’m here trying to make my way back to fitness as well.. As I always tell my husband about “anything “ (these days) that we are trying to do , “You have to make the time for it or it doesn’t happen”..👍❤️

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    Christina Field

    Oh man, I’m in the same boat. I love being outdoors and exploring places, but wanting to “exercise” does not come naturally to me. I’m finding, though, that at my age, I quickly lose physical stamina and agility if I’m not working at it regularly :-(. But then if I work at it too hard, I end up flaring up some kind of bursitis, arthritis, or other “-itis” that benches me for weeks/months – very frustrating. Also, I’m right there with you on tasting our way through new places 😉 !

    So, I appreciate you sharing your health and fitness journey and am happy to join along. Here are my goals:

    1. Do some kind of intentional physical activity (walking, hiking, Yoga, exploring, etc.) for at least 30 minutes 3X/week
    2. Practice mindful eating; shift back to keto eating plan; make better choices when eating out.
    3. Stay inspired and be accountable by sharing my experience here on your blog posts every week.

    Now, with the holidays upon us, I already know these next few weeks will be a challenge in the eating habits — I hope to use these next few weeks to gradually shift into better food choices and be ready to fully commit starting in January.

    I hope more people join in here with their own successes and challenges – the more the merrier :-).

    • Avatar


      It is nice to know I am not alone in the battle of health and fitness!! It really is such a struggle. Your goals are great and I know you can accomplish them! We will support and hold each other accountable along the way. Ramp up through December and in January its full steam ahead!

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    I would love to get rid of jiggly parts too!! As well as fit in my clothes easier. I’d like to drop the 10-15 pounds I’ve gained. I had a three level neck fusion- once that is complete, I’d like to start running again. As a nurse, I know all about stress eating! We can do this!!!!

    • Avatar


      Between the stress and all the goodies on the floor it is hard not to eat all that yummy bad stuff! lol Prayers for a smooth recovery from your surgery. We will be here to cheer you on after you are healed!

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    Ann Whitespeare

    I applaud your determination! I ran when I was in the military, but then had kids, and after 30 years I still haven’t lost that pregnancy weight…lol. I’ve had double knee replacements and 3 pulmonary embolisms, so needless to say, I am not the picture of health, but I want to make the goal of being able to walk a mile without sounding like I am struggling to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. So you go girl!!!!

    • Avatar


      Walking a mile without stopping or being winded is a wonderful goal! Slow and steady. You can do this. We are here to cheer you on.

      • Avatar


        Thankfully, since beginning full time at end of July I have gone from size 24 to a 20 in jeans. I try to be plant based (5 years) but eating out is difficult unless vegetarian most of the time. I try now to only eat when hungry. I don’t care to cook in RV unless at a campground which is rarely. Parking the 25 ft RV at end of all parking lots has been a boon to make me walk more!
        Love your videos!

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    FlamingoMoon Campers

    This is timely! We had gone on the road for 5 months and are now back in our home base as our RV is repaired. I will have to agree keeping up with a workout pattern while on the road is very difficult. But I started a personal challenge to get #10kstepsaday for the month of Dec. So far starting on 2 Dec I have gotten 6 of the 8 days. It is tough when there are other commitments in the day. For me 10k is 5.5 miles that takes about 2 hrs out of my day. My hope would be to loose 10-15 lbs. I am cheering you on!

    • Avatar


      This lifestyle makes routine very difficult. Although that was kinda the point for the lifestyle so it is a catch 22! So the challenge is making the time and making it a priority. I see alarm clocks in my future! lol 10k steps a day is a great goal! And we are not aiming for perfection we are aiming for most days. I have my pom poms in hand and I am rooting for you as well!! We can do it!

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      When we quit our jobs and started rving 2 1/2 years ago, I was excited to lose weight by walking and exploring our new locations because I was already overweight. Needless to say I must have been less active than when I was working because I gained 10 pounds within the first 6 months. Since then I’ve been up and down an additional 5 pounds.
      I’ve tried Keto, but I’m a sugar addict and despise “fake sugar”. I have done good cutting out breads, tortillas, rice and pasta and adding veggies into our diet. Lately I’ve been down the 5 additional pounds, but decided the wall I’m facing is from my lack of exercise.

      My goal is to get the 150 heart points the American heart association recommends, 150 minutes of moderate walking each week. Hopefully this will get me on the way to losing 20 pounds before our son’s wedding the end of May.

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