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Full Time RV Fitness Journey: Week 1

Welcome to the beginning of my fitness journey. I will be journaling my progress (wins and losses) as we travel full time in our RV around the country. Join me and together we will motivate and cheer for each other over the next 8 weeks.


Brooks Ghost 12

To be honest my fitness journey actually began yesterday because I went shopping for new running shoes. This was a big step for me for several reasons. First of all, I hate shopping! I know I am a girl and I am supposed to love it but I don’t! And for the record shopping for running shoes is the worst kind of shopping on the planet. Second, good running shoes are not cheap and I like hanging on to my money. So bringing home these new running shoes was my first step to getting back on track.

WIN: I got started! Yes, this is a win and I will count every single, itsy bitsy one of them during this journey. The hardest part really is that first step and I took it.

I am using a podcast to help me reach my initial goal of running a 5k without stopping. It has me doing a 2-minute walk followed by a 3 minute run at a comfortable pace. It is an 8-week program that allows a few extra weeks if you need it. I found this program on iTunes and it was my favorite price: Free!

The hardest part of running for me is the voices in my head that say “Why did you ever stop running?” and “Do you know where you would be if you kept going?” or the worst “You’ll never make it, you are just to…..” Do you hear those voices in your head when you start something challenging? Man, it takes me forever to kill those voices but I will eventually!

I felt the effects of falling down Mt Monadnock during my run. It was a pretty bad ankle injury but I am hoping this will strengthen my ankle and what I felt during the run will ease up over time.

Today’s run/walk was 27 minutes. I forgot to start MapMyRide so I didn’t track the distance.


Weight Training

We have an older set of these weights. They are up to 70 lbs each but we only carry 45 lbs each on the rig. The rest is in storage.
  • Legs: squats, lunges, calf raises
  • Shoulders: military press, lat shoulder raises, front shoulder raises, reverse flys
  • Abs: knee raises, flutter kicks, crunches,

We purchased our weights before we hit the road. We were very motivated and just knew we would have all the time in the world to use them once we went full time. But the reality is we have only pulled them out a few times. If we were not close to a Planet Fitness (which we love) we always had an excuse not to pull them out!

Today, wasn’t bad. Luckily, my legs are not that sore! I did go easy on the weights for all leg exercises because I don’t want to be too sore to run tomorrow.

Caring is sharing. Feel free to share this image on Pinterest.

Full Time RV fitness journey. Join me as I work to lose those unwanted pounds gained since hitting the road full time. We can get fit together.


Run: 2.31 mi/31:57 min/13:47 ave pace/ 2/3 run-walk intervals

It was day 2 of my 5k training and it went pretty good. Although, it did get a bit hot out before I finished my run. Next time I will have to get my butt out the door earlier! I could feel my ankle but it wasn’t bad. I could also feel my leg workout from yesterday! Yikes. But I followed along with the coach and didn’t miss a beat! Yay me! WINNING!


Weight Training

  • Chest: bench press, flys, push-ups
  • Tris: tri extension, skull crushers, close grip bench press

My workout was great! I am not as sore as I expected to be so that’s a bonus! Today’s workout partner was Gizmo because Phil is helping with an install over at Our Epic Field Trip‘s rig. But that’s not something that will slow me down much less stop me!


Run: 2.34 mi/32:50 min/ 13:54 ave pace/ 2/3 run-walk intervals

My first week of couch to 5k is officially done!! Yay! I DID IT!!! During my run, I thought I was starting my second run interval but it was actually my third!! I was so excited to finish I ran too fast during my last interval. I had to slow it down to make sure I could run the entire 2 minutes. I have also started playing my new motivational song as my reward after my run. Although, I am thinking I should play it before my run to get me pumped up!


Scheduled Rest Day.


Weight Training

  • Back: Bench reverse hyper, One-Arm Rows, Bent-Over Rows
  • Bis: Hammer curl, bicep curl, Zottman Curls

Today, I hit the weights alone again because Phil is still working on projects with our friends. But it was a good workout. Most importantly it’s a completed workout!!

Overall this was a very good first week. My diet was not on point. So next week I need to make that more of a priority. I won’t be on any kind of crazy fad diet! I will be cooking most of my own meals and eating clean. So Phil if you are reading this NO MORE CHRISTMAS COOKIES!! Sweets are off the list for sure!

How was your week? What are a few of your health and fitness goals? Did you accomplish your goals? Share them in the comments below.

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Author: Stacy, You, Me & the RV, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2019


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    Cynthia Larson

    Although we are sometimers now and Navy rolled over Army, we enjoy your posts!

    We have an Airstream 27 ft Flying cloud! I appreciate your healthy examples. Keep up the good work! Your great!

    We have no knees, thanks to the AF and Army and skiing! We eat clean, stay focused on exploring and positive, can do people like you!

    Cynthia and Brent

  • Avatar

    Peggy Reinwald

    I hate shopping too! My clothes are definitely things I don’t have to purge because I don’t have that many! But good on you for a great first week!! I’m a little late to the party but I’ll be joining in the fitness fun!

  • Avatar

    Michelle Taylor

    Great start … in the past it always helped me to actually sign up for a race so I was more committed. It also helped reaching small goals and gave me a sense of accomplishment. Just wondering if you have signed up for a 5k yet?

    • Avatar


      I have not signed up for a race yet. The problem is I am not sure where I will be when the couch to 5k is completed. But I will be signing up for one eventually.

      • Avatar


        I’m thinking you retired much younger than the traditional 65! Reading the blog, I couldn’t imagine doing what your doing even though I do weights and cardio 5 days a week!

        • Avatar


          We are both 50 but not technically retired. Phil still does contract work for the military but is between jobs right now.

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    Laurie Schillawski

    Hi Stacy, Norm and I make a point to walk or hike every day if possible. I use the Samsung Health app that came installed on my phone to track our steps and more. We aim for a minimum of 6,000 steps but shoot for 10,000 whenever possible (trying to even out those rainy days). We eat at home as much as possible since we’re fulltime RVers. We keep the carbs low, eat a lot of veggies and lean meats. We eat seafood whenever we’re near fresh sources. With all of that, I’m still not feeling great most days and I’m still overweight. I take a good vitamin supplement, too. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from a food sensitivity. I’m in the process of eliminating individual foods one at a time for 2 weeks at a time. It’s going to be a long process, I think. I’ll continue on and take every win I accomplish in the meantime. Hope to catch up with you guys in Tampa or Live Oaks. Take care and best wishes.

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    Phyllis Chancey

    Chris and I have an Orange Theory membership which is our absolute favorite ! Since we are full time but stationary doing the 9-5 grind it’s doable. There are OTF studios all over the world. I would rather do without some things to afford the membership when we hit the road. It’s not cheap. We did a local program for running similar to Couch to 5K with running coaches. It was a great and taught us great techniques. But.., as we all know you can’t out exercise a bad diet. So… back to My Fitness Pal and counting macros for the most important part!
    We can’t wait to find like minded couples who will exercise with us once on the road!

    • Avatar

      Theresa Reynolds

      Great job, Stacy! You certainly know how to get motivated. Mixed bag kind of week. Trying to fit in time for Planet Fitness has been challenging this past week. Finding myself climbing lots of extra flights of stairs to make up for that. 🏃‍♀️ Diet is OK, but could be better. Portion control is good, but need to add in more veggies and fewer empty carbs. Very tired, but not giving up! Filling in the gym gaps with yoga and meditation where I can. 🧘‍♂️

      • Avatar


        I like adding in the stairs to add hits of exercise to your day. Even when we cant do an official workout you can always add elements into your day. Thanks for the reminder! You are doing great! Keep going.

    • Avatar


      I love Orange Theory and it is so motivating! I don’t think it is practical the way we travel so I guess we will keep Planet Fitness for now. I will continue to improve my diet over the next few weeks. January is my goal for getting my diet on track.

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    Wow! You got a LOT accomplished! I have to say that I have not gotten as active as I would like yet. We did start a new adventure in our food lifestyle….we decided to try being vegan to see what different choices are out there and see how it affected our bodies. So far, so good! We are not as hungry as before and the sugar cravings seem to have been toned down. That a WIN for me! Next week, I am trying to walk every day (can’t run due to past injuries) and try to do it twice if possible. Being flexible is important to me due to a frozen shoulder I had all last year…it’s much better but have to keep flexing it and moving my whole body to keep it moving! Thanks for the motivation and I am certainly enjoying your blog!

    • Avatar


      The sugar cravings are really getting me these days. I will cut sugar out after the holidays to get rid of my cravings! Flexibility with your limitations and with our lifestyle is what I am really working on this 8 weeks!

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    Christina Field

    Oh my – that song rocks and is now on my “Energize” playlist :-). Nothing wrong with listening to it before AND after your workout !

    Great job on a good start to your journey !!

    My week was not great on the physical side of this endeavor. I only got a few very minimal and casual walkabouts in. But I can feel my mental state shifting to help me make better food choices. I did better with reducing portion sizes and choosing fewer carb-loaded items this week.

    For next week, I want to improve my likelihood of moving more by looking at the week ahead and setting some specific days for activity.

  • Avatar


    Go Stacy ! Good job on week one. My plan for 2020 to get moving too. I wanted to let you know that if you have a planet fitness nearby you can go use the Beauty Angel program and shake out those muscles. It really helps with muscle recovery in my opinion. 😊

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