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Full Time RV Fitness Journey: Week 2

I completed another week on my journey back to health and fitness. The first week is always the easiest since you are all excited and pumped up. As the weeks continue it gets harder to stay consistent. Hopefully, I can maintain it throughout 2020! Keep reading to see how I did this week.


  • Run: 2.75 mi/37:29 min/13:36 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 2.5 min/2.5 min x5

I hit the wall. You know that wall of reality that slaps you in the face like a bad Wile E. Coyote cartoon! Last week’s feeling of “this is easier than I expected” has been replaced with OMG! What have I gotten myself into! Today is a much bigger win than last week because when it got really hard and I thought I would puke I kept going!

What I did wrong

All I could think about was how slow I was moving. I was thinking just a few short years ago I could walk at this same pace. Those voices in my head beat me up pretty bad. So, of course, I started running faster than I should. This was the wrong thing to do! I could not maintain this pace for the entire interval much less run.


I have never been a fast runner I was always the turtle who just kept pushing along until the finish line was in sight. But I really felt more like a snail than a turtle which is why I increased my pace. I need to lose this stupid banter in my brain! I should be cheering myself on instead of beating myself down!

What I did right

To survive the 5th interval I slowed my pace and focused on my breathing. I also tried to relax my shoulders, arms, and hands. I tend to tighten up and bring my shoulders up to my ears as the run gets more difficult and I get tired. The most important thing I did right was to KEEP GOING!! YAY ME!!


Weight Training

  • Legs: squats, lunges, calf raises, deadlifts
  • Shoulders: military press, lat shoulder raises, front shoulder raises

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That is the sound of my alarm clock telling me to get my butt out of bed and exercise! We had a full day planned to explore and if I don’t make exercise a priority it won’t happen. So at 6 am I drag my butt out of bed and get going. I am sure there will be more alarms in the future.

I am still taking it easy on the weights for leg day to make sure I am not to sore to run. But I will eventually increase the weight and intensity.


  • Run: 2.67 mi/35:37 min/13:18 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 2.5 min/2.5 min x5

Today was a much better run than Saturday. I really focused on not speeding up my pace in an effort to finish faster! This is a big adjustment for me. During previous training, I would focus on something in the distance and run to that object. So increasing my pace would help me get there faster. The couch to 5k is all about running time and building endurance. I was able to finish the run today without feeling like I would puke which means I am still WINNING! 🙂


Crosstraining: Easy/Intermediate mountain biking 7.14 mi/70:23 min

Cross-training is an important part of overall health and fitness for everyone. Here are a few of my top reasons to cross-train.

Today’s Mountain Bike Ride

Training Partner

Crosstraining will allow me to have a training partner. Although, Phil is not able to run he can do plenty of low impact exercises. His favorite is mountain biking. I am working to improve my skills. Ok really, I am just trying not to be white-knuckled the entire time. I like adrenaline just as much as the next person but I am used to getting it inside the walls of a hospital.


I need plenty of variety in my workouts to prevent boredom! It gets me excited to exercise without it feeling like exercise. And it’s the perfect way to explore an area.


Cross-training will help to strengthen muscles that are not used as much during running. It also improves my overall cardiovascular fitness. And I can tell you it is in need of some work right now!


Crosstraining will reduce the chance of injury by strengthing weaker muscles. Biking is a perfect crosstraining exercise because it is also low impact which lessens the impact on joints.


It is just fun! Activities like kayaking, hiking, and biking are fun. They will be a part of my overall fitness routine.

All of my mountain biking adventures have not turned out so well. Feel free to have a good laugh at this ride. I may have thrown a few fits and shed a few tears but I will never admit to it!

Mountain Biking that Didn’t End Well


Scheduled Rest Day


  • Run: 2.55 mi/33:54 min/13:16 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 2.5 min/2.5 min x5

Another run DONE! I am doing a better job focusing on my pace which is making each interval a little easier. Keeping my pace steady while focusing on my breathing enables me to complete each interval without feeling like I will die or puke! lol There is definite improvement happening here and it’s exciting!


  • Cross-training: Hike 2.73 miles/ 54:00 min
  • 27 min ab workout

It is important to make sure that I incorporate my workout into my life and my life into my workouts. Al and Angie met up with us today so the guys could do some real mountain biking….meaning real scary! Angie and I decided a hike, which would be a bit less dangerous.

I chose a video for our ab workout from one of my favorite YouTube channels. FitnessBlender has a ton of free videos for every fitness level. If you need a good stretching video they have some great ones! Here is the one we chose today:

Full Time Fitness: Food

I am not going to call this category diet because I don’t want to diet. I want to change my eating habits and be able to sustain it long term.

Food Fail

Saturday was a total fail!! We enjoyed the Army-Navy game by having friends over to watch with us. Everyone brought a dish and I did not hesitate to sample all the delicious foods. Those Nothing Bunt Cakes were to die for and I may have had more than my fair share!! I will work harder in this area after the first of the year!! For now, my main focus is to make exercise a habit. After the first of the year, both food and exercise will be a priority

Your Full Time Fitness Journey

How is your health and fitness journey going? Have you thought about your goals? What are your wins for the week? We would love to hear how you are doing.

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    I laughed alot at your video with the bikes. Made my day. But you guys did great considering having to drag those bikes along the trail. Yoy hung in there and got it done. Not sure I would have even tried it! Girl Power!

  • Avatar

    Theresa Reynolds

    Way to go, Phil and Stacy! Did better with my overall activity level, making it into the gym (PF) for cardio and weights three times this week. Yay! Food intake quality is still not where it needs to be, thanks to all the holiday goodies brought into the house, but I was able to increase the veggies intake – yay again! Hitting the road for FL in a few days, so eating on the go will be the next challenge. Hoping to see you in Tampa in January. 😊

  • Avatar


    We absolutely LOVED the mountain biking video! Oh my gosh, that would SO be us lol. We do hike quite a bit when traveling, but I’ve been trying to get my husband to go mountain biking. Ya know….it’s like my brain thinks much younger & in much better shape than I am! He refuses, stating he has bad ankles, & I have a bad hip, ankle & foot lol. He’s right of course, but I really would like to try a decent trail. Something better than the one y’all did. 😆 We really enjoy following you two, and have a lot of similar interests. Keep up the good work with your videos & sharing your experiences!

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    Christina Field

    You’re doing so great ! I’m still slowly shifting my food habits. I think I’m realizing that if I don’t get any exercise done before noon, it’s not likely to happen after that. Honestly, with family visits over Christmas and New Years, I’m not likely to get my butt in gear before early January. It’s good to see your progress, though — keep up the good work !

    • Avatar


      This blog is definitely holding me accountable. I have already had a day when I wanted to skip it but knowing I would have to type it in the blog got me moving!

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