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Full Time RV Fitness Journey: Week 5


  • Run: 2.45 mi/33:43 min/13:44 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 4 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 3 Awaken, 26 min
Apparently, Gizmo likes yoga too!

I hate riding this roller coaster of workout emotions. Some days I feel like I can do anything and the next day I feel like running is gonna be the death of me. How does that happen from one run to another? Today, sucked big time! couldn’t even run the entire 5th interval. I stopped to walk in the middle of it a couple of times. My legs were sore from the burpees (thank you Mr&MrsMuscle) and I had no energy! This sugar detox is killing my energy levels. I need to figure out my prerun meals or snacks to make sure I don’t crash in the middle of my run.

On a brighter note, the yoga totally rocked! 🙂


Yoga: Day 4 Activate, 22 minutes

Yoga was put off today until 10 pm! But I threw on my jammies and hit the mat. By the end of the session, I was relaxed and ready for bed! Loving this yoga challenge. Check it out and see if it is something that you like as well.


  • Crosstraining: Road Cycling 10:20 mi/65:42 min (Mountain bikes not ebikes)
  • Yoga: Day 5 Soften, 26 min

I hit the road today on the bike. It was awesome. This was the flattest route I have ever been on which made 10 miles much easier than I expected. Phil came along with me so that made it even better! If you are wondering if I was avoiding my run the answer would be YES! After my last crappy run, I put it off one more day.


  • Run: 2.79 mi/39:23 min/14:08 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 5 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 6 Ignite, 26 min

I procrastinated my run because it was so cold this morning. I do not like the cold and 42 degrees was way too chilly for this girl! It was also a travel day so I pushed the run to the evening. which may not have been my best idea! I started running as the sun was dropping and ended up running in the dark!

We are parked on public land without the glow of street lights or other buildings it was pitch dark. I used Phil’s headlamp to keep me from killing myself on the unlevel, gravel road. I ran back and forth on the small road from the entrance of the property back to the rig. My route was pretty boring but it was good enough to get the job done.

I was not going to skip my run even in the dark. This journal has been very motivational for me. So thank you for helping to keep me on track!

You want to know the best part?? It was a great run! It’s like Saturday never happened and 5-minute intervals are no big deal! Whoop! Whoop! Yoga totally rocked too!


  • Crosstraining: Road Cycling 10.00 mi/60:14 min (mountain bikes not ebikes)
  • Yoga: Day 7 Stretch, 26 min

We are staying 0.3 miles from a beautiful park with paved and dirt bike trails. The longest paved path is 7 miles which is a perfect riding distance for me. It was a perfect way to stretch the legs after my run yesterday. Thankfully, I was able to also bring the gang along! I love working out with friends because it makes it more fun and less work. My legs are a little sore but it was a good ride.

Day 7 of yoga provided a great stretch for my quads and hammies which was just what the doctor ordered! It is like she designed it just for me!


  • Run: 2.86 mi/41:08 min/14:21 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 5 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 8 Heal, 27 min
My New Motto!

The old me would have called today a fail but the new me is eliminating that word from my vocabulary. Today was not a fail it was a learning experience. I learned not to wait until midday in Florida to run even in the winter!

I also learned to pay more attention to my fuel when I have a run on the schedule. Going for a run when it was time for lunch was a huge mistake! Without that extra sugar floating around the bloodstream and my body is still in sugar detox so I crashed hard during this run!

It seems my exercise roller coaster ride continues with a great run followed by a really crappy run! I was not able to run all five minutes without walking for 3 of the 5 intervals. But I showed up! I was there! And I will continue to show up prepared to work hard and get better! It does get easier right?? Man, I really hope so!


Yoga: Day 9 Heal, 27 minutes

The Scale

Don’t let the number control you! You are NOT a number on a scale.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The scale…my weight…the numbers! I know what you have been thinking why hasn’t she mentioned the one thing everyone talks about? What about that number on the scale? I have not mentioned it on purpose. Not because I am embarrassed or ashamed. I weight 137. See no fear here! It is just a number. It does not define me at all.

The reason this blog is not wrapped around the scale because overall health and fitness has nothing to do with a stupid scale. Even if my weight never changed my overall health will improve if I continue the changes I have implemented.

I will improve my cardiovascular health, circulation, balance, flexibility, and strength. Long term this can help prevent falls, reduces the risk of chronic disease, increase energy levels, and improve mood. And this is just a few of the benefits of exercise and better food choices. As you can see weight loss is a bonus compared to everything else. The weight will decrease as I continue working toward my goals so I am not worried about that number or that stupid scale. This will be the only time I talk scales and numbers so let’s return our focus to a healthy body and mind!

Sugar Detox

The elimination of sugar is going great. I had a headache for the 2-3 days but thankfully that is gone. The only added sugar I have had was sliced bread. We are eating what we have on hand before finding a new brand. I do love avocado toast so I will need to find a good replacement.

I chose this at The Bricks, in Ybor City, FL on a bed of greens.
At this restaurant, it was Hawaiian tuna poke without the white rice.

We ate out twice this week with friends which can be tough to navigate. But choosing healthy, well-balanced meals does not have to be hard. I used a technique that worked for me years ago. I go online to see the menu before going to the restaurant. That way I can figure out the best option long before I arrive. I

January Alcohol: 0

I hope you’re well on your way to achieving your goals. If you have a bad day don’t worry! Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and work toward your goals. If I can do it ANYONE can! Let us know how you are doing. What are your wins and learning opportunities? We are all in this together.

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    Christina Field

    I totally agree with you about the scale !! We don’t even have a scale at all. For me, it’s really all about improving how I feel both physically and mentally AND feeling better in my clothes. I don’t need a scale for that. The 30-day Yoga challenge is a real treat that I look forward to everyday. We’re seriously transitioning our eating now to the keto lifestyle, which has worked for us really well in the past. One of my favorite resources for recipes and guides for grocery shopping and restaurants is Their blog site is great, and they also have a YouTube channel. It’s great to read that you’re appreciating your progress and being kinder to yourself. “Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again” ~Henry Ford

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