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Full Time RV Fitness: Week 6

This was a hard week for me. There was so much going on at the Tampa SuperShow and our schedule was crazy! But I guess that is a part of life in a sticks and bricks or an RV You just have to figure out how to make it work. This week I didn’t do a very good job with that!


Yoga: Day 10 Ground, 18:04

I don’t know why I never made yoga a part of my routine before now. Have you tried yoga? Yoga with Adriene is perfect for any level. Check it out and see what you think.


Rest Day

I did not even do yoga today. It was a long day and I was beat!! So I won’t make my 30 days straight of yoga but I am ok with that. With everything I have taken on this month, I think I will easily make exercise a required part of most days.


  • Run: 5.06 mi/89:17 min/17:02 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 5 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 11 Dig, 21 min
  • Road Cycling: 2.2 miles

It is our last day hanging out with our friends on the public land right next to the awesome park so we had to take advantage of those beautiful trails. Luckily, Angie came along which made my run so much better! Nothing like a workout partner to keep you moving.

We ran about 2.8 miles and the rest was walking through the trails of the park. It was a really good run for both of us. Although it kicked our butts it was a great workout!!


Rest Day

Moving day! It is so hard to get a good workout in when you are moving to a new location. And when you add on the Tampa SuperShow it makes it even harder!! Although, I did not officially exercise I did walk around the SuperShow for about 5 hours. Hopefully, that counts for something!


  • Run: Unknown
  • Walk Run Intervals: 6 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 12 Nurture, 22 min

I had a really good run!! Yay! I decided to go ahead and up my interval just to give it a try. What was the worst that could happen??? I was able to hit the 6-minute mark!! Whoop Whoop! I am so excited. Good runs really keep me motivated.

I forgot to turn on the MapMyRide app today so I don’t know my exact mileage or pace. But it was such a good run I don’t even care! I was so busy trying to get my GymBoss app to work I forgot to turn it on.

GymBoss is an exercise interval counter that I am testing out. The couch to 5k podcast I have been using only goes up to 4-minute intervals before you have to pay for downloads. I prefer free so I tried the GymBoss with Spotify. Nothing like Miss Independent herself (Kelly Clarkson) to get me moving down the road. Once I figured out the sound settings for Gymboss it worked out perfectly!!

We didn’t push play on yoga until 10:45! I am so glad we did. It was just what I needed. Apparently, it is exactly what Phil needed too! At the end of the session, he was sawing logs on his yoga mat!


I took a rest day. Nope, it was not scheduled but frankly, I was exhausted by the time we got home from the SuperShow today. I threw on my jammies and crashed hard! Good thing this show is only once a year!


Yoga: Day 13 Grow, 18 min

I managed to push play and hit a round of yoga but that was about it today. As I type this I am already debating my run tomorrow. Do I set that alarm?? Do I want to get up that early? It is not even tomorrow and I am already tired.


This week has been crazy and things have not been great in the food department. I hit 5 guys (and it was delicious) and we also had fried food from the SuperShow (not so delicious). My gut was not happy about it either. After cutting out so much of the crap and chemicals my body wanted to fight those gut bombs! I will be back in my kitchen full time this weekend and man am I happy about it!

Now you know my week. When it comes to health and fitness it could have been better. But this week has been amazing in every other way. I have met some really sweet and kind people and the show has been fun. Next week I will be back on track!

How is your week going? Good week? Bad week? We would love to hear how you are doing and if you have hit any bumps along the way as I did.

Author: Stacy, You, Me & the RV, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2020


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    Laura Riddle

    I so love you sharing your journey. I too do the same thing run/walk intervals but the Tampa RV show got us all off our game except for walking and knees hurting we walked 4/5 miles x 3 days. But stay strong, you’re beautiful and so much fun to follow. 🥰 Laura

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    Just keep doing your best! I LOVE Yoga With Adriene & Benji. I have been doing her videos for 4 years. I have a cool compact yoga mat that works great for full time RV yoga. ~ YOGO ~
    rolls up to 11” x 4”. I am only on day 5!

    • Avatar


      Thanks Miki! My biggest change of mindset is not throwing in the towel completely just because I have a day with bad food or without exercise. It is a lifelong journey so I gotta get right back at it now that the show is over! Thanks for the yoga mat tip!

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    Christina Field

    Yikes – my wellness tracker is looking pretty bad for last week. We were traveling and stayed at a couple of very tempting Harvest Host sites, and I didn’t make time for much physical activity – not even yoga. Sounds like you did very well, especially considering it was SuperShow week !! I’m with you on the Five Guys hitting the gut like a bomb !! It was so bad last time I was there (years ago) that I cringe when even thinking about it now. Well, it’s a new week now, and I’m looking forward to being back on track along with you.

    • Avatar


      Travel days are tough and multiple travel days are even tougher! Now that the show is over I can get back to a normal routine. Thank goodness that show is only once a year! At least my feet moved the whole time! 🙂

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    David Legge

    Keep it up Stacy!! Did you know that at Five Guys (Yum!!) you can order your burger “California-Style” and they will wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun? Cuts down on the carbs. Of course, the giant bag of greasy fries gets me every time so maybe deleting the buns doesn’t make that much difference. Keep up the good work.

    • Avatar


      I did not know about that with 5 Guys! I usually ditch the bun everywhere I go and use a fork. People look at you strange when you order a burger without the bun. The show is over so I am getting back on my game today!

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    Theresa Reynolds

    Way to go, Stacey – and thanks for keepin’ it real. What everyday life throws at us rarely always accommodates for regular workouts, especially if you’re not yet retired but livin’ on the road. But you’ve shown us that it really can be done, and that it’s ok to rest when you need to honor what your body is telling you. The yoga really helps me, as well. Keep up the great work! 😊

    • Avatar


      Thanks so much for the support! I will keep trudging along doing my best. I am sure there will be great weeks and weeks that I could improve on. My goal is to make it a lifelong priority. It is the ONLY true fountain of youth!

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