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Full Time RV Fitness: Week 7

The Tampa SuperShow threw me off my game. I was not expecting to be so busy every day. But with my new outlook on health, I was not derailed for long. My mindset now sees health and fitness as a life long journey. Just because I have a bad day or a bad week does not mean I will throw in the towel. I plan to live a long, healthy life so every day is a new opportunity to improve my health.


Unplanned Rest Day

Today we were up early to head into the SuperShow. We were there all day and met up with some friends in the evening. I didn’t exercise at all! I was on my feet for 5 hours for the meet and greet and we walked around for a few more. But since my heart rate was not elevated I can’t really count that. This healthy stuff is much harder than I expected!


Rest Day

Another day goes by and I did not exercise. To tell the truth, my feet were killing me! Although, that is no excuse for skipping yoga!


Travel Day

I know, I know. I don’t really have an excuse!


  • Weights: Bis & Tris
  • Cardio: Treadmill 20 minutes
  • Yoga: Day 14, Return 27 min

Did you catch the name of today’s yoga?? RETURN! It is perfect because I am back!! We are close to a Planet Fitness so we (yes, I am taking Phil along) will be hitting the gym! I haven’t been to a PF in forever!

Today’s cardio was not a training run. I did not do intervals but I did run a little on the treadmill. I will get back to pounding the pavement this week too!

Weight training is back on the schedule! I haven’t focused on weight training yet but is a very important part of overall fitness. Everyone should include resistance training in their workout routine. See the benefits below.


Weight training: shoulders
  • Run: 3.31 mi/45:59 min/13:53 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 6 min/1 min x5
  • Yoga: Day 15 Reset, 24 min

Temps today started in the 30s! So much for the sunshine state! I guess my penance for skipping my training run in the nice warm gym is running in the cold and wind! Phil took the Jeep to run errands so Planet Fitness was not in the cards for today. It was not my best run but it wasn’t too bad! The goal is to keep showing up and elevating the heart rate the rest will eventually fall into place!


  • Cardio: Treadmill, 1.29 miles/23:00 min
  • Weights: Shoulders and Chest

We hit Planet Fitness with a vengeance today!! We totally kicked butt! My shoulders were screaming!!

That treadmill may look like an easy stroll through the park but I had an incline of 10!! I worked up a crazy sweat!! This is my favorite low impact way of getting a great workout. It also works my butt and thighs which is my problem area! The trick is not to hold on to the handles while going as fast as you can without falling off.

Al and Angie came along with us since we are camping together. We are all trying to be healthier in 2020!


  • Run: 3.73 mi/52:13 min/13:57 ave pace
  • Walk Run Intervals: 6 min/1 min x5
  • Weights: Legs, Glutes & Abs

Running outside today was not too bad. Angie joined me so that was great! You know it is always better to exercise with a partner. But the conditions were not ideal. We ran on a dirt road that was wet and slippery in sections and large gravel in other sections. But we made it work without breaking our necks! I always love the feeling you get when the run is all done!

Our workout at Planet Fitness was good too! I decided it was time to stop procrastinating my leg workout! Hopefully, the soreness that is coming will be gone by Monday since that is my next scheduled run day.

Resistance Training

Do you include resistance training in your workouts? It is very important for overall fitness. You can use weights, resistance bands or your own body weight. You don’t have to join a gym to enjoy the benefits of resistance training! There are a ton of resources online to guide you.

Benefits of Resistance Training

  • Improve muscle strength and tone which will protect your joints from injury.
  • Maintain flexibility and balance, which can help you remain independent as you age.
  • Improve stamina.
  • Prevent or improve the control of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and obesity.
  • Improve mobility and balance.
  • Improve posture.
  • Decrease the risk of injury.
  • Increase bone density and strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Improve sleep and decrease insomnia.


We are boondocking this week so it is easy to focus on healthy meals. No more crappy food on the run! That SuperShow was hard to navigate. I need to do a better job when we get to the RVillage rally in February!

Recommended Book

I am just about to finish reading Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge MD. It is a great reminder of why we should all exercise. Want to know the real secret to staying young? Grab your copy of this book!

My favorite quote of the book is “aerobic exercise saves your life; strength training makes it worth living.”

Need a little Motivation? Grab a copy for yourself!


Guess what!! I am seeing results from all this hard work! Whoop! Whoop! The scale is going down but more importantly, my clothes are a bit looser! Nothing like progress to keep me motivated to keep going.

You can do it too! Just wake up every day and tell yourself this is for me. I am doing this to live a long, life full of activity and exploration! Just keep moving!

Author: Stacy, You, Me & the RV, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2020


  • Avatar

    Mary Lynn Monge

    Stacy, you are doing great! You are inspiring! We mountain bike about 3 times a week, but when we began our full-time travel last year, we lost our pilates classes and haven’t replaced them with anything. You’re inspiring me to get going on that! You are definitely looking slimmer in your videos – I bet you’re really happy about that!

  • Avatar

    Jenny Potter

    Hi Stacy!

    Just wanted to take a moment to say I think you are doing amazing and you have inspired me to begin exercising again! My husband and I are planning on selling everything and hitting the road in 4 years. We are both trying to make choices now to make that transition easier. I have been realizing more and more that my lack of exercise will impact the way I will get to enjoy travel and what we can do on the road. Your blog has really inspired me! Also — you are kicking booty! You are not just working out when you wake up but mixing workouts and doing it multiple times a day which hard to do if you have anything else going on. I am now on my third week of Chalean Extreme off of Beach Body on demand – I know there are a ton of free workouts out there but I really like Beach Body ($12 a month) because they have 90 day programs like P90x and yoga ones too! Anyway after reading your post for week 7 , I think I am ready to start adding running a couple times a week. I love running but it’s so tough now that I’m out of shape. Love watching you guys and keep up the amazing work! You have definitely motivated me to get up and moving too! <3

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