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Fort Wilderness Campground Review: Is Disney Worth It?

We spent four days at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and it was a blast! Everyone always wants to know if Disney is worth the money. So we thought we would provide a complete Fort Wilderness Campground review and let you decide!

Fort Wilderness Campground Check In

Fort wilderness Campground review for full time rv

When you arrive at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, you will stop at the reception outpost to check-in. During the check-in process, you will receive site assignment, Disney bands, activities schedule, and campground map.

The Disney MagicBands are pretty cool! Your Disney passes will be attached to the bands, so you will use them to enter the parks. You can also use them to open the gate to enter Fort Wilderness, pay for anything in the park (if you attach a credit card), and most importantly, fast passes!

Hitch & Unhitch

Fort Wilderness Campground hitch and unhitch area

If you are towing a vehicle you can stop in the hitch & unhitch area before you get to your campsite.

Fort Wilderness Campsites

The campsites at fort wilderness are beautiful! The sites are paved and long enough to take on those long 45 footers! They include 30 or 50 amp, sewer, water, and cable. The sites also provide a picnic table and a grill. The best part is Disney treats their campground just like a hotel. As soon as someone leaves their site, a Disney employee will sweep it and make sure the table and grill are clean before the next rig arrives. It was great to watch!

Fort Wilderness Bathhouse

Laundry room at fort wilderness campground

Each campground loop has its own bathhouse, which was very clean. They definitely live up to Disney standards! The bathhouses also have adequate laundry rooms. But they are Disney prices at $3 to wash and another $3 to dry!

Transportation at Fort Wilderness Campground

There are many transportation options on Fort Wilderness. You can park your car until its time to leave Disney!


There are three bus lines that run continuously throughout Fort Wildnerness. You never have to wait for long before the next bus is there to pick you up! Bus stops are conveniently located throughout the campground.

Outpost Depot is near the entrance of the campground. The depot is a large bus stop that connects to most of Disney’s theme parks, including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and both water parks. The Outpost Depot has a monitor that will list the arrival times of the buses. The buses depart to the different theme parks approximately every 20 minutes.

The busses begin running 45 minutes before the parks open and continue 2 hours after the parks close.


Fort Wilderness ferry to magic kingdom

If you are headed to Magic Kingdom for the day, the ferry will take you. It is a pleasant 20-minute boat ride to the entrance of Mickey’s House. The ferries start running 30 minutes before Magic Kingdom opens and stops running an hour after the park closes.

Before boarding the ferry check the flag on the front of the boat. The ferry with the green flag will take you to Magic Kingdom. The ferry with the blue flag will take you to the Contemporary resort and Wilderness Lodge.

Golf Carts

Golf cart rental at fort wilderness
Parking at the Outpost Depot for Golf Carts

You can rent Golf carts at the reception outpost and they can be used anywhere within Fort Wilderness. Parking is available for golf carts at all the activity areas, marina, and the Outpost Depot. You can also bring your personally owned golf cart to use throughout the campground.

Activities at Fort Wilderness Campground

Disney’s Fort Wilderness is packed full of activities for all ages! You will receive an activity schedule at check-in. The schedule will provide information on many of the activities including if there is a fee attached. These are just a few of the activities available at Fort Wilderness.

Fort Wilderness Woodworking and Wine

Need a little adult time? There is a great activity just for adults. Its called Woodworking and Wine. During the activity, you can create your own Disney sign.

As you can see, if you never leave Fort Wilderness there is plenty to keep you occupied!

Overflow Parking

Fort Wilderness Overflow Parking

One of the benefits of staying at Fort Wilderness is the ability to arrive before check-in and stay a few hours after check out. If arriving before a site is available, you can park in the overflow parking lot and explore Disney before heading to your campsite. Parking is also available if you need a few more hours at Disney after leaving your site. This area is also available for trailer or dolly parking during your stay.

Benefits of Fort Wilderness

There are a few benefits to staying on Fort Wilderness instead of driving into the parks.

Parking Fee

As of this blog, the parking fee at Disney is $25 a day! That’s right! Before you hit Magic Kingdom you are already forking over a hefty sum! Thankfully, you can skip this fee while staying on Fort Wilderness.

Magic Hours

Anyone staying at a Disney resort including Fort Wilderness will have the benefit of Disney’s Magic Hours! Magic hours allow you to enter the park an hour before anyone driving into the parks and stay up to 2 hours after they leave. Disney’s Magic Hour schedule will be provided at check-in. One park a day will have magic hours.

Disney extra magic hours for Fort Wilderness guests

But just so you know not everything will be open during Magic hours! We thought we would eat and drink around Epcot during the evening magic hours but no such luck! All of the restaurants were closed. Only the rides and a few quick-service items were available. Be sure to check the list of participating attractions before making your park plans.


We really love how fast and easy it is to return home during the day for meals or naps! Instead of killing ourselves in the park or spending a zillion dollars on food we zipped back home whenever we needed too. Disney’s transportation makes it very convenient!

What does it Cost?

I know what you are really thinking is what’s it going to cost me? This is everyone’s question. Of course, it is Disney so it will be Disney prices!

Fort Wilderness Full time rv
Disney 2018

The first time we stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness was June of 2018. We were there to spend time with family that also staying at Fort Wilderness. Of course, June is the heavy season for Disney so we paid $125 per night plus tax and fees.

This visit was in February which is the slow season so we were cut a break! 🙂 Our site was $100 per night plus tax and fees which made the nightly total $112.50.

One thing we were not aware of is the pet fee. We were charged $5 per night for Gizmo. Not sure why! They didn’t walk him, fee him, or provide poop bags! 🙂

Fort wilderness campground 2018
Disney Fort Wilderness 2018

Have You Been to Fort Wilderness?

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

We would love to know about your experience at Fort Wilderness. What did it cost you? Did you have a great time? Was it worth the money? Would you return? What loop did you stay in and did you have any problems with your site? Please share your Fort Wilderness Campground review in the comments for everyone.

Is It Worth the Money?

This question is one that can only be answered by YOU! Was it worth it for us? Absolutely!! We had a great time and we may even return in the future. So do you think it would be worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Complete Fort Wilderness Campground Tour!

Fort Wilderness Campground Review

We hope this Fort Wilderness Campground review was helpful and packed full of information for you! Enjoy your time at Disney even if you decide not to spend a few nights at Fort Wilderness!

Author: Stacy, You, Me & the RV, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 2020


  • Avatar

    Bob Farruggia

    Hello Stacy and Phil!
    Just wanted to say how much my wife and I love your YouTube channel! We have been considering going full time when I retire next year from my second career. Although I grew up RVing, I have not RVed since the early 80s, so you two have really been a huge help to us. My wife Cynthia particularly appreciated the tips on downsizing from our current lives and organizing the RV.
    My first career was in law enforcement in the Chicago area, from which I retired in 2002. During that time, I also taught motorcycle training classes with the State of Illinois University system and in fact, taught some of the classes at Great Lakes Naval Training Center during the early and mid 90s!
    When I retired the first time, I moved to Florida and ran a large motorcycle training school. After 5 years though, I got a job I had been dreaming about for a long time…driving buses at Walt Disney World! GREAT retirement job with great benefits! I particularly love working in Fort Wilderness, driving through the beautifully manicured campground and wonderful woods, looking at all the cool RVs and dreaming I were a guest there, and talking with all the guests. (Who, by the way, are the best and nicest guests at Disney!)
    And this brings me to YOU! When you visited Fort Wilderness you rode my bus! The old cop in me looks at everyone who comes aboard and has a good memory for faces and voices. I also recall listening to you converse on the bus so when I first saw your show, I knew I knew you from somewhere. It was only when I saw your episode on Fort Wilderness that I put 2 and 2 together!
    Cynthia and I are super excited to be planning our life together on the road and sincerely hope we will be able to meet you sometime to thank you for all the help, and perhaps even camp together. You two seem like you are a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with!
    Be safe out there,

    • Avatar


      Aww Bob!! I love reading this. I cant believe you remember us but Phil said you have a cops eye and pay attention to those things! Phils grandfather also worked at Disney after he retired from the Marines and retired again after 20 years. He loved it too!

      I have to agree with you RVers really are the kindest people around. I have never met a group of people so willing to give their time, energy and supplies to complete strangers.

      I hope you love your time on the road!

  • Avatar

    Ray Harkness

    HI folks..enjoyed your review of Disney Fort Wilderness. We used to go there a LOT, it ain’t cheap, but its probably the BEST camp area we have ever been in. Easy to get around, lots of FREE stuff you can do once you learn the tricks. Well done, we did enjoy it…R

  • Avatar

    Duane Kinney

    Our family LOVES Disney so we cannot wait until we get to camp there next year! My brother visits 1-2 times a year including Christmas and he has a Class A RV currently but has camped with a travel trailer for years. The secret to saving money (for us anyway) is to get a Disney Visa and pay all my monthly bills which returns monthly rewards which can be used to pay for anything/everything Disney including lodging and park tickets! In a “normal” year, we will earn about $800 in rewards which would pay for the campground. We go every other year so $1600+ will pay for almost everything! Now this works for our family but it may not for yours…just wanted to share. Take care and stay safe!

  • Avatar

    Jill Perez

    We were there Saturday to Wednesday over President’s Day weekend and we had a great time! We did not go to any Disney Parks. Our plan was to just enjoy the campground and all the amenities it has to offer as we are not much into theme parks. The cost is worth it for the amenities, programming, and the beautiful grounds. There were nice activities offered throughout the day. My kids made super cute Mickey tie dye shirts (around $18 per shirt). And we took advantage of the shuttle to check out Disney Springs. Since we aren’t really into the theme parks, not sure we’ll go back. I wouldn’t say never, but there are SO many fun and interesting places to explore all over Florida and we like to change it up. We stayed in Loop 800 and paid $197+tax for weekend nights and $159+tax for weeknights. No problems with our site, however the WiFi signal was spotty. Maybe other sites had better signal. And we had trouble using our satellite because of the trees. Not complaining about that because I loved the wooded sites, but wanted to mention because it’s nice to know what to expect. Keep up the great work, Phil and Stacy! Love your channel!

  • Avatar

    Audrey Merritt

    What site did you use to check for availability and make reservations? Waiting for last minute reservations due to cancellations is a great idea.

  • Avatar

    Cara de Bray

    We finally stayed at Fort Wilderness in Sept 2018. We loved it and like you we had no children with us. I have contemplated on would we stay there again knowing how pricey it is but, saving 25.00 on parking a day is huge. You can also take the bus over to Disney Springs and NOT fight the traffic. Yes I believe we will go back to Ft. Wilderness campground.

  • Avatar


    Nice grounds but so, so expensive….CG fees and parks fees make this a $200+++ a day adventure. Once a life….sure 😀😀. Every year?? Not for many.

  • Avatar


    No but the information on the costs and and activities is great. Everybody says how expensive it is but nobody said how much. This will put my mind at ease planning a vacation to Fort wilderness. One question what about military discount? Retired veteran. Thank you so much so much!!

    • Avatar

      Cara de Bray

      Liz, you can get military discounted tickets by going to the MWR office in Shades of Green, the Military Resort on Disney Property, we have done this many times. This resort is also worth walking through as it is beautiful too. If you have never stayed at Shades of Green the pricing is based on the military members rank. You need to make reservations here months out. Another fun fact the last time we stayed at Shades of Green they had the largest rooms of any of the resorts on Disney property. A sad fact you can not take advantage of the Disney meal plan if you are staying at Shades of Green because it is not an technically a Disney Property.

  • Avatar

    Teresa Chalkley

    Yes, we have stayed many times and SO WORTH IT! It’s a resort not just a place to camp. Stayed in almost all the loops and all are good. We like the loop across from the Trading Post. Landscaping is gorgeous, lots of wildlife to see, and THERE ARE NO MOSQUITOES. Disney does an amazing job managing the ecosystem.

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