25 Favorite RV Gadgets to Make RV Living Better

So many people ask us what is needed for full time RV life. Honestly, the only thing you really need is an RV. But we do have some favorite things that have made RV life so much better. Today we are sharing our top 25 things.

RV Gear

All of the items listed below can be found on our gear page with all of the other RV things that make RVing more organized, safe, and fun.

Favorite RV Gadgets

Our list of favorite things will be listed from cheapest to most expensive. Prices given reflect the price at the time this article was written. Of course, prices may vary or increase. We have current prices on our gear page linked above.


1. Clear Bins $6

clear bins, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

When it comes to storing clothes over the bed, clear bins make all the difference. Initially, I used canvas bins, but I would have to take all the bins out to find what I needed. I discovered these inexpensive clear bins at the Container Store, and I love them. I can see exactly what is in each bin before playing bin Tetris!

You can see the bins in action below with some other useful organizational items.

2. Silicone Wedding Rings $7 – $40

Okay, so maybe these are not exactly RV things, but these are the only rings we wear since we hit the road. We discovered the silicone rings during our gym days years ago. They prevented pinching and calluses when weight training.

Now we wear them because they are fun, and we don’t care if they get lost while hiking, kayaking, or washing our hands a million times, thanks to COVID.

3. E6000 Extreme Tack $12

E6000 Extreme Tack, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

This product is a game changer for travel days. I use Extreme Tack to glue down all the items that I don’t want to move every time we change locations. It feels like the glue that holds credit cards to paper.

I tested it on a few things and was able to remove them without damage to surfaces. Only use a few dabs, though, because it really sticks!

4. Clear Elbow $15

clear elbow, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

Without going into too much gross detail, let me just say the clear elbow allows Phil to know when he is finished flushing the black tank! πŸ˜‚

5. Gear Rubber Ties $18

Gear Ties, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

We have several sets of these rubber ties, and we use these for just about anything we need to coil upβ€”hoses, extension cords, vacuum hose, phone cords, just to name a few.

6. Spice Jars $23

spices, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

These are a game changer in the kitchen. I store my spices in a drawer beside the fridge. I would have to pull out several jars before I found the one I wanted. Now all I have to do is look at the top of the jar. They also fit in the drawer better because they are all the same size and shape.

The spice jar kit comes with 25 jars and 296 spice labels. It also includes blank and a chalk marker for those who make their own spice mix. They are highlighted in the video below.

7. Zero G $25

The Zero-G hose is lighter, more flexible, and more compact than traditional hoses. It coils easily for storage and is kink resistant. If you decide to pick one up, be sure to compare Lowes, Home Depot, and Amazon prices. We found ours at Lowes for half the price of Amazon.

8. Cheap Camping Book $23, Military CG Guide $45

Looking for BLM, Forestry, or inexpensive campground? The Cheap Camping Book is perfect! I have easily found many areas to camp under $20 a night, most of which were free! It is sectioned out by state and then by the city in that state.

The Military Living RV, Camping & Getaways Travel Guide has 240 military locations to include Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. It lists everything you need to know about not only the campground but also the base itself! Not only does it have campgrounds, but it also has rentals (cabins, houses, etc.), some of which I didn’t know existed! This is a great military resource.


9. Brass Pressure Regulator $30

Regulating water pressure is essential to preventing burst water pipes. Pressure entering the RV should be around 60 psi, which is enough pressure for a good shower but not enough to burst pipes. This brass pressure regulator is durable and keeps our pipes safe.

10. Outdoor Folding Table $35

This lightweight folding table has been one of our best camping purchases. It takes up very little space, and we use it all the time for everything from an end table to a buffet table to a cocktail bar.

11. Water Filters $40, $28

Although these Clear2O water filters are actually two separate pieces, I lumped them together because they work best with each other. If you wonder why we chose these two Clear2O filters Best RV Water Filter: Drink from the Tap will answer all your water filter questions.

The DirtGuard does the initial filter and removes sediment down to 20 microns. The inline filter comes in next to filter down to 1 micron. We have seen a huge difference in our water by filtering down to 1 micron, and now we drink from the tap again!

We have found Walmart to have the lowest price on the inline filter. You can pick them up in the RV section.

12. Lightweight, Foldable Chair $50

Although we have a couple of great zero gravity chairs, they are not practical for the beach or cocktails at our neighbor’s RV. These chairs are comfortable, lightweight, close easily, and don’t take up a lot of space in the RV. We should have purchased these sooner!

13. Tire Shades $57

Tire shades protect your RV tires from harmful UV rays, weather and can prolong the life of your tires. Initially, we had those huge, traditional vinyl tire covers that everyone has. They were such a pain to put on the tires, bugs, and dirt stuck to the fabric on the inside, and they were bulky for storage.

Phil loves these tire shades by Magna Shade. These lightweight, compact tire shades attach to the tires easily, take up less storage space, and most of the time, you can’t tell they are on the tires.

14. GasStop $79

Propane safety is essential to us as we travel down the highways and byways. The GasStop will prevent a propane leak in the event of a catastrophic loss of propane. Yes, even with the regulator, you can still have a propane leak. The regulator does not prevent the loss of propane before the regulator just after the regulator.

PLEASE NOTE: Both of the GasStop devices are designed for large propane tanks (Class A, 5th Wheels, Trailers) with a BTU of 75,000 or higher so they will not work on small propane tanks.

Want to WIN a GasStop for your RV? TechnoRV has generously donated a GasStop for us to giveaway to one lucky winner. If you haven’t been to TechnoRV’s online store, you should totally check it out. The owners are full-time RVers, so they know what RVers really need on the road.

To enter the giveaway, scroll down!

15. Walkie Talkies $79

walkie talkies, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

All RVers need a good set of walkie talkies! We love this set. We use them during setup, break down, and when we caravan. They have 36 channels, and the range is up to 38 miles. They are cheaper than our first set and work better.

16. Telescoping Ladder $125

ladder, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

We really like the space savings we get from this 12.5 foot, lightweight ladder. It makes cleaning the RV so much easier, and it was a lifesaver when we installed the solar panels. This is a must if you have limited storage space.

17. Garmin 46 Dashcam $135

garmin dashcam, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

We added the dashcam to protect us in the event of an accident. So many cars cut us off, not realizing what it takes to stop such a large vehicle. The Garmin 46 is easy to set up, and downloading footage is simple. It gives us a little peace of mind in case of an accident.

18. Flag Pole $140

favorite rv things, rv flag pole, you me and the rv

I know this is not an RV must have but Phil has wanted to show his patriotism and pride in the US Navy with flags from the moment we moved into the RV. We finally pulled the trigger and love this setup.

This flag pole attaches to the ladder of your RV. It comes with everything you need to proudly fly the American flag, including the flag itself! Don’t forget to add the light to the top of the flag pole if you plan to fly the American flag at night. Of course, Phil had to add the US Navy flag and the Broncos flag.

19. Fire Pit $192

fire pit, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

I thought when we went full time, we would be sitting around a campfire nightly with friends. But I learned quickly that wood-burning fires equal extra laundry and smelly hair! When you are boondocking, extra laundry and showers are not a welcome thing.

But with our propane fire pit, none of that is a problem. This fire pit is small, lightweight, and portable. We can also use this fire pit in locations where there is a fire ban in place. It includes a cover and handles.

20. Blackstone $200

We waited a long time to pull the trigger on the Blackstone griddle. I was worried it would be too big and heavy. I don’t know what I was waiting for because I LOVE IT! We use it all the time now. It includes the griddle, hood, and stand, which all fold neatly into our basement storage. If you can wait until Spring, you may find them cheaper at Walmart.

See all the reasons I love the Blackstone!

21. Snappads $270

These have been a great addition to the RV. SnapPads give us a few more inches of stability, prevent damage to park sites, protect our jacks, and helps prevent the jacks from getting stuck in the ground. Installation is fast and easy. Not sure what size you need for your RV? SnapPad will help you choose the perfect size.

22. Water Softener $270

Water softener, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

I know I like to say game changer, but this item really is!! Hard water can clog your RV pipes. The On the Go water softener eliminates hard water & rust stains, avoids scale build-up, improves taste and odor, increases the lifespan of appliances, increases the lathering of soap, all while making your skin feel softer! It does all of this without decreasing water pressure.

All you need to keep it going is 2 boxes of common table salt. It is compact and lightweight, making setup and storage a breeze. Trust me, it is worth the space it will take up in your storage bay.

23. Garmin RV 780 GPS $359

Garmin RV GPS, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

Although we have an in dash GPS, we prefer our Garmin RV specific GPS. It is much easier to update, and it can be placed where the navigator can see it. It is packed full of cool features!

  • High-resolution 6. 95” touch display
  • RV Safe GPS based on the size and weight of your RV
  • Road warnings such as steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits, etc
  • Includes a directory of RV parks and RV services

24. Surge Protector $420

surge protector, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

Every RVer should have an electrical management system/surge protector to protect their RV electrical system from faulty electrical pedestals. It is not a myth. There are bad pedestals at campgrounds everywhere! We have a friend whose electrical system was totally blown out due to a campground power problem. Trust me, the repair cost much more than the surge protector that would have prevented it

We purchased the Progressive Industries surge protector for our RV and have used it starting day 1! Yes, we have an onboard surge protector in our motorhome, but Phil prefers to see the all-clear before plugging into the pedestal.

25. TPMS $469 (price for 10 sensors)

tpms, favorite rv gadgets, you me and the rv

We recommend a TPMS for every RVer. This is one of the products we purchased before we purchased our RV. Tire safety is so important. Knowing if your tires are overheating or losing pressure the moment it happens can prevent accidents from occurring. Be sure to include the tires on your toad and dolly.

Bonus: Govee Thermometer

I don’t know how we forgot about the Govee! We should have skipped the elbow or the hose for this! The Govee is an absolute NECESSITY for anyone traveling with pets. It allows us to monitor the temperature inside the RV from our phone via wifi from anywhere. The best part is it does not require a monthly monitoring fee. We always know Gizmo is safe from extreme temperatures, thanks to the Govee.

25 Favorite RV Gadgets

We hope this answers a few of your questions about the gadgets we use every day while RVing. Please post your favorite RV (or not so RV) thing for RV life in the comments below.

Black Friday

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