5 Reasons You Should Attend RV Tech School

Phil recently completed a week of training at the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA). The ability to repair our RV when things break is important to him. So when the NRVTA reached out and invited us to attend tech school, we jumped at the chance. Today we will share our experience at NRVTA and the 5 top reasons you should attend RV tech school.

5 Reasons to Attend RV Tech School

1. Save Money

When you learn to troubleshoot and repair your RV, you WILL save money. It doesn’t matter if your RV costs $500k for $50k. Things are going to break and break frequently! Learning to troubleshoot and repair your RV can save you a ton of money.

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2. Save Time

We have all heard the stories of RVs sitting in repair lots for weeks or even months for a simple repair. Learning to tackle repairs will save you the time and frustration of waiting for the RV repair shop to complete the job and return the RV back to you.

RV tech school, RV repair, you me and the rv

3. Make Money

Are you looking for a way to make money to fund your full time RV life? This may be the perfect fit for you! You can train to become a certified RV tech or a certified RV inspector. With the huge increase in RV sales this year, both of these fields are in high demand.

RV tech school, battery maintenance, you me and the rv

4. Build Community

While attending the course, you will meet people that will become a part of your community. Life long friends who you can consult about RV repairs or join around a campfire while traveling the country.

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5. Help Others

You will gain the knowledge to help your friends and neighbors troubleshoot and repair their RV. You can start your own business or just help out a friend in need. Either way, the RV community needs more people with the knowledge and know-how to lend a hand.

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RV Tech School by NRVTA

NRVTA offers various courses to help you accomplish your goals, whether you plan to gain more RV technical knowledge to work on your own RV, become certified to repair other people’s RVs, or become a certified RV inspector.

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NRVTA Courses

  • Online Training for RV Owners
  • Basic RV Maintenance
  • Advanced RV Training Courses
    • ACs and Heat Pumps
    • Absorption and Heat Pumps
    • Water Heaters and Furnaces
    • Exterior Systems
    • Solar Power
    • Generators
  • RV Inspector

For more information on the courses listed, head to the NRVTA and the NRVIA websites. And if you decide to sign up, tell them we sent ya!

Our Basic RV Maintenance Course Review

Weekly Maintenance Tips with Todd

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Thank You NRVTA

We would like to thank NRVTA for inviting us to the Big Red Schoolhouse to take the basic maintenance course. It was a wonderful experience for us both. Phil gained a lot of basic RV knowledge, and I met some amazing people! Phil plans to return to become a certified RV inspector next year.

Want to know what Phil did each day and his review of the course? Watch the video above for all the details!

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RV Tech School

Have you attended an RV tech course? How has the training helped you? Are you thinking about signing up? Will you use it for yourself or start a business? Which course is right for you? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below! We would love to know your thoughts.

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Thanks for Stopping By

Phil & Stacy

You, Me & the RV

Disclosures: Phil attended the basic RV maintenance course for free, thanks to the invitation from NRVTA. We will also make a small referral fee if you use our name when registering for a course. The course’s review is an honest opinion by Phil and was not influenced by anyone at NRVTA.

Author: Stacy is living her dream of full time travel with her husband, Phil and dog, Gizmo!


  • Avatar

    Dennis Hendrix

    Phil & Stacy hellow from Alabama

    I think I have been following you guys from almost the begining and your RV video blog is by far the best out there for content. Oh and just think how much better it will be when Stacy gets her new video gear for Christmas (wink wink).

    I’m also a retired Navy LDO having spent 30 years in Naval Aviation. Enjoyed every day of that 30 years but when the train pulled into the satation and they said get off I was ready to move on to the next chapter.

    My past Class A rigs was a 1989 Mallard 37′ Gas and a 2001 Monaco Dynasty DP that I briefly full timed in while between active duty and Civ contractor jobs. I’m entering my last year in the work force and have the travel bug so I plan on 2021 being the year to perpare for Someday. Like the guy in the movie Hunt for Red October said I want to see Montana. I think an Airstream is in my future for part time travel.

    If your ever back in the Huntsville Al area hit me and Lisa up and the beers are on us.

    Safe Travels
    Dennis Hendrix
    LCDR USN (Ret)

  • Avatar

    Marci Reschar

    Hello Phil & Stacy,

    We’ve been watching almost since you started this journey and you inspired us to give it a go. This information is great and we went ahead and signed up for the course. It will definitely be helpful since, just this week, we’ve lost our refrigerator and our fireplace, not at the same time, but still. . . . bummer. Of course all mobile techs are a week or so out, so we are truly “camping” with our food in borrowed ice chests. The fireplace isn’t a super big deal since here in Charleston, SC it’s not needed, yet. It was just nice to have on the cool mornings while drinking our coffee.

    So, any advice for what we can do while waiting on a mobile tech? The model: Norcold 1210T – issue; freezer gets to 24 degrees, and the fridge to 42. We’ve tried almost every suggestion we’ve found on the internet, aside from taking it out and leaving it upsidedown for a week. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

    We look forward to actually meeting you both . . . on the road, someday.

    John & Marci Reschar

    By the way, we almost registered for the same course time that you all were there – that would have been super cool! We were on the fence about spending the money, and now, between your video & blog, and our current situation, we decided it was worth it.

    Thank you for your time and, stay safe and healthy!

    • Avatar


      Sorry, without being their hands on it would be hard for me to troubleshoot the issue. Bummer we missed each other. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Avatar


    Appreciate the info, sounds like very informative class but quite a chunk of change to attend. Still something we’d consider if budget allowed. πŸ‘ Thx for sharing.

  • Avatar

    Christopher A Emmons

    Greetings Phil & Stacy!

    I was happy to stumble onto your YouTube video about the RV Tech School.

    I’m a 30 year military retiree and am blessed to have an amazing wife Carrie who is looking forward to our time in an RV.

    We did just get our refund from the Army Athletic Association for our 2020 Army Navy game tickets that were cancelled b/c of COVID. Hopefully 2021 will provide us the opportunity to see Army whup Navy!! πŸ˜πŸˆπŸ‘

    I’m looking forward to sharing your videos with Carrie. I definitely think attending the RV Tech School within the first year of our RV ownership will be a worthwhile investment.

    Best regards,

    Chris Emmons

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