50 Best RV Apps to Make Life Easy

If you are looking for apps to make your RV life easier then you have landed at the right spot. We have compiled a list of over 50 apps to make RV life easy and fun. We have also included a few websites that are a must for every RVer. So let’s jump right in and talk about what these apps can do for you!

Best RV Safety Apps

Police scanner RV app

1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Apple: Free

Easily find out about weather, news, and crime happening around you. Includes live police, firefighter, emergency news and ham radios. Android does have similar apps available.

First Aid RV App

2. First Aid – American Red Cross

Android/Apple: Free

Provides expert step by step first aid advice for everyday emergencies. Also, had videos, interactive quizzes. You can check out the American Red Cross’s entire line of apps: Pet First Aid, Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, and Emergency.

Windy RV App
Windy RV app

3. Windy

Android/Apple: Free

Great app for weather tracking. It provides a basic forecast, wind forecast, waves forecast, wind gusts, dew point, precipitation, pressure, and of course temperature. You can also set up weather alerts.

raindar RV app

4. Raindar

Android: Free

Displays animated doppler weather over google maps. Automatically finds your location when you open the app.

Best RV Boondocking Apps

Harvest Host RV app

5. Harvest Host

Android/Apple: Membership Required

Harvest Hosts is a membership network of 900+ wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses and attractions that allows you to overnight for free. It is so much better than sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. When you sign up for Harvest Hosts be sure to use the code HHFRIENDS15 to save 15% on your membership.

Boondockers Welcome Rv App

6. Boondockers Welcome

Website/ Not an app (YET): Membership Required

I know this is not really an app but I couldn’t skip out on Boondockers Welcome. It is an excellent resource to boondock for free. This site pairs you up with people who allow you to boondock on their property for free. Most of the hosts are also RVers so they understand the needs that come with the lifestyle. When you join Boondockers Welcome be sure to use the code YouMeRV to save on your membership.

Overnight RV Parking App

7. Overnight RV Parking

Android/Apple: Annual Fee

It contains over 14,000 free overnight parking and no parking locations in the US and Canada. Search by current location, zip code, providence code or city and state.

USFS and BLM Campgrounds RV App

8. USFS and BLM Campgrounds

Apple: $0.99

This app has over 5,800 US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campgrounds throughout the US. These campgrounds are free or low cost.

RV Dump Station RV App

9. RV Dump Station Finder/Sanidumps

Apple/Website: $0.99 for app/Website is free

Sanidumps is my favorite website to find dump stations when we are boondocking. It has over 17,000 dump sites listed and provides the cost of the dump station. RV Dump Station Finder is the app companion. The app allows you to filter dump stations by price and location

Free Campsites RV App

10. Free Campsites

Website: Free

Free Campsites is a community built database of free campsites and also pay campgrounds. New sites are added regularly.

Free Roam RV App

11. Free Roam

Android/Apple: Free

This app helps you find free campsites on BLM and USFS land and includes cell coverage map overlays. It also includes filters for finding dumpsites, water, propane, gyms, showers, cell towers and more.

HipCamp Rv App

12. HipCamp

Website: Free

HipCamp is a camping version of Airbnb. You choose your site and pay the owner of the property online. It has unique camping experiences on over 300,000 campsites, ranches, vineyards, public parks and more throughout the US.

Getting There

Toll Guru RV App

13. Trip Toll Calculator Tollguru

Android/Apple: Free

Computes toll costs for cars, trucks, trailers, bus, RV and motorcycles for toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and turnpikes in the US, Canada, Mexico and India. Will compute the cheapest route. Includes many types of EZ Pass costs.

RV Trip Wizard RV App

14. RV Trip Wizard

Website: Subscription

RV Trip Wizard is an amazing website makes trip planning easy and keeps you organized. You can set your preferred driving distance or time and it will help you plan within that window. It has over 17k campgrounds and 57k points of interest. I have been using this website since we hit the road over a year ago and can’t imagine planning without it.

IExit RV App

15. iExit

Android/Apple: Free

Lets you know what truck friendly businesses are at each interstate exit including current diesel prices (updated daily). Also includes truck scales, truck parking, rest areas, Walmarts and more.

Mileage keeper

16. Mileage Keeper

Apple: Free

Mileage Keeper was created to track your fuel economy by odometer and fuel costs. I have also created vehicles to track tolls, propane, def, and RV washes.

GAs Buddy RV App

17. Gas Buddy

Android/Apple: Free

This app helps you find the cheapest fuel prices. You can filter for price, location, brand and other amenities such as restaurants and bathrooms

Interstate rest area

18. Interstate Rest Areas

Website: Free

Interstate Rest Area is a website that provides a map of all the rest areas in the US. It includes the amenities at each rest area and the rules for overnight parking in each state.

Fuelly RV App

19. Fuelly

Android/Apple: In App Purchase

Fuelly tracks your vehicle’s fuel economy and maintenance records. You can even set reminders for maintenance such as oil changes.

Fun & Helpful

Blue Beacon

20. Blue Beacon

Android/Apple: Free

This is a Blue Beacon Truck Wash locator in the US and Canada. It allows you to search by city and state.

Roadside America RV App

21. Roadside America

Website: Free/Apple: In App Purchases

Roadside America is a website and app that will help you find unique roadside attractions throughout the United States. Find the most unique and funny places such as route 66 sights, caves, the world’s largest and smallest sights, strange museums, bizarre architecture and more.

Satellite Pointer

22. Satellite Pointer

Android/Apple: Free

Satellite Pointer helps you set up your TV dish quickly and easily by directing your phone to the sky to find satellites. The database has over 200 satellites.

Sky Map

23. Sky Map

Android: Free

Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium that identifies stars, planets, nebulae and more. 

Night Sky

24. Night Sky

Android/Apple: Free

Identifies stars, planets, constellations, and satellites by holding your phone up to the sky.

Map My Ride

25. Map My Ride

Android/Apple: Free

Track your walk, ride, or hike with this app. It will track your time and distance using GPS. Can track over 600 different sports activities.

More of the Best RV Apps

This is just a portion of the apps we have compiled for you. To check out the rest of the apps download by clicking the button. If you are using an app for your RV journey that we have not listed please send an email to and we may add it to the list.

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50 RV apps to make RVing easy. Download a list of the most popular list of RV apps.

Author: Stacy Farley, You, Me & the RV, All Rights Reserved.

Disclosures: We are a participant in the affiliate program with Harvest Host, Boondockers Welcome, and RV Trip Wizard.designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites. We purchased our own membership with each company and use them for months becoming affiliates. We would recommend these apps with or without the affiliate program. It does not cost you anything to use these links.


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