Best RV Water Filter: Drink From the Tap

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Are you looking for the best RV water filter? We have been struggling to find a solution to our drinking water since we hit the road in our RV two years ago. We drink a lot of water and hate buying bottled water, but we also want our water to be clean and taste good. Finally! We have a solution to our RV water filter problem.

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Why Use An RV Water Filter

Every time you change your location, you also change your water source, changing the ratio of minerals, sediment, and bacteria in your water. Although good-tasting drinking water is essential to us, it is not the main reason we filter the water going into our RV.

Protect Your RV

Water with high levels of sediment and minerals can harm your RV. Minerals can coat and clog the pipes and potentially damage systems such as your toilet.

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Water labeled as potable does not mean it is guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. Filtering your water before it enters the RV will reduce these chemicals before it hits your freshwater tank and your glass.

Save Money

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A good RV water filter will save you money in the long run. A good RV water filter will reduce the amount of money you will spend on repairs to clogged and damaged pipes. Using the water from our tap instead of buying water bottles is so much cheaper and eliminating plastic water bottles impacts our environment.

Table Top Water Filter

Many people have suggested we use a tabletop water filter for improved drinking water. The most commonly recommended is the Berkey water filter. While this is probably a fantastic option for some RVers, it won’t work for us for several reasons.


Not only do we have limited counter space, but a large filter container will not fit between our upper and lower cabinets. We would be forced to place it on our dining table, which is also our office and game room. There is just no space available for it.

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Countertop filters may do a great job filtering drinking water, but they do not protect the RV. It is essential to remove sediment and minerals before it enters our RV pipes to prevent problems down the road.

What you need to know about RV Water Filters

Many people purchase water filters based on the specific minerals and bacteria found in their water. Because RVers travel to different locations that won’t work for us. Our water filters need to remove a wide variety of contaminants. So let’s talk about what you should look for before you purchase your next water filter.


The particles found in water are measured in microns. Particles smaller than 35 microns are too small to see without the use of a microscope. The smaller the micron of the filter, the more contaminants it will remove from the water.

RV water filter micron graph, you me and the rv

Water Flow Rate

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Image by Ken Boyd from Pixabay 

Before you purchase the lowest micron filter available, it is vital to know the impact it will have on your water flow rate. The smaller the micron, the slower the water will go through the filter.

As the water pushes through a filter, it will experience a restriction of flow. If you are trying to filter sediment up to 20 microns through a 1-micron filter, the resistance will be very high. This will significantly impact how fast water will flow into the RV. So finding a way to balance the removal of contaminants without killing our flow rate is the goal.

Our Old Inline RV Water Filter

When we first hit the road, we did not do much research into water filters. We picked up that same old blue water filter that everyone else was using. It was inexpensive and easy to find. But the trouble with this water filter is everything it leaves in the water.

20 micron RV water filter, you me and the rv

This filter does a great job of helping the water taste better by reducing smells, odor, and chlorine but is only rated at 20 microns. You can see by the chart above how few contaminants it actually removes. Removing illness-causing bacteria and cysts were very important to us. So we started researching better water filter options.

Our RV Water Filter Solution

To achieve our water filter goals, we are using a two-step filtration system by CLEAR2O. This system is easy to use and will filter down to 1 micron without sacrificing our flow rate.

Step 1

Clear2o DirtGUARD RV water filter with hose, you me and the rv

Our initial filtration is through the CLEAR2O DirtGUARD. It is a 20-micron filter that eliminates sediment, rust, sand, and other large particles. This larger filter can be rinsed out every time we move locations to remove particles. This initial filtration removes larger particles that will clog the smaller filter in step 2.

Step 2

The second step in our filtration system is a CLEAR2O inline 1-micron water filter. This is where the magic happens. This filter will remove odors, harmful contaminants such as lead, chlorine, and other volatile organic compounds. It will also make your water taste so much better.

Clear20 1 micron RV water filter, you me and the rv

Before adding the DirtGUARD to the 1-micron inline filter, we clogged the filter with sand and dirt in only a few weeks. We actually clogged one filter in as little as 5 days! That should tell you how bad the water actually was at that campground. Imagine putting that water into your rig or worse, your body!

Now that we are using the DirtGUARD as an initial filter, our 1-micron filter will last much longer. We don’t have to worry about the sand and dirt clogging the filter. This is going to save us money on our inline water filters!!

Easy Installation

Installation of our water filtration system is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Insert your CLEAR2O inline water filter into the bottom of the DirtGUARD. Note: You can use any inline filter with DirtGUARD, but we prefer CLEAR2O.

2 step rv water filter system, you me and the rv

Step 2

Attach the DirtGUARD 2 step filter system to your spigot. The DirtGUARD will be on the spigot side, and the inline filter will be on the RV side.

install the DirtGuard RV water filter, you me and the rv

Step 3

Turn on the water! Bam! That easy.


I know what you are thinking. Why not just use the Camco 20 micron inline filter on one side of the hose and the CLEAR2O 1-micron filter on the other? Well, I am glad you asked!! Let’s break them down and talk about why one is better than the other.


The Camco 20-micron filter uses loose carbon to filter the water. The problem with this method is water will burrow its way through the carbon. As water pushes the carbon to the filter’s sides, it creates a path without carbon, which will not filter all of the water going through the filter.


The DirtGUARD 20 micron filter forces water through a polyethylene filter. The filter is not loose. It is solid porous plastic.

DirtGUARD rv water filter, you me and the rv

CLEAR2O Inline Filter

You might be interested to know CLEAR2O uses a solid carbon core in their 1-micron filter. This forces all the water through the carbon core, which ensures complete filtration.

Loose VS Solid Filter

Save 15%

Our friends over at CLEAR2O have graciously provided our readers a 15% off coupon! The coupon will expire on December 7th, so don’t miss out! Be sure to put everything in the cart you need because you can only use the coupon once per person. To activate the coupon, just click any of the CLEAR2O links provided in the blog.

Best RV Water Filter

This has been our best water filter option for ease of use, cost, and filter effectiveness. We have been pleased with the setup and can tell the difference in the taste of our water. We will never use anything less than a 1-micron water filter again.

How did you solved your RV water problem? Please share your solution below in the comments.

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  • Avatar

    Deb Ulrich

    Thanks for the information and discount – we’ve just ordered!

    Is the bigger blue tank beside your RV a water filter, too?

    Take care out there 🙂


  • Avatar


    A completely separate issue from filtration is water hardness. Many RV parks and campgrounds have well water and it can be very hard indeed. Units like the Aqua-Hot diesel-fired heaters really want softened water to avoid mineral build up. Water hardness is ionic, not particulate, so is not removed by any filter. We travel with, and use, a portable water softener as well as a sediment filter and a taste/odor filter.

  • Avatar

    Jeanine Colburn

    When I tried to buy the filter system through your link, at check out I received a message saying YOUMEANDTHERV discount code isn’t valid for the items. I’ll wait to hear back from you before I purchase. Thanks!

    • Avatar


      I dont think it has anything to do with your items. I just checked it on my end and the items it worked for Saturday no longer work. I have emailed them and will keep you posted.

      • Avatar


        Thank you sharing your experience with Clear2o. I have been using both the inline filter and Dirtguard for over six months. Love it and have recommend it to my rv friends.

    • Avatar


      The coupon is only good once, so sometimes, the browser marks it as being used. Clear your cookies and your browser, and it will work. You could also just switch browsers (I went to safari). Let me know if that takes care of the problem. Stacy 🙂

  • Avatar

    Pam Wisniewski

    I just wanted to let you know that the discount is not working on the CLear 2 0 site. I added both filters into my basket and it says that the “youmeandtherv” discount is not valid on the items in my cart?

    • Avatar


      The coupon is only good once, so sometimes, the browser marks it as being used. Clear your cookies and your browser, and it will work. You could also just switch browsers (I went to safari). Let me know if that takes care of the problem. Stacy 🙂

      • Avatar

        Pam Wisniewski

        I used a different browser and it worked! Saved almost $20! Of course I had to buy more than $100 to get the free shipping! I purchased the water bottles and filter pack too, thought that will be good when we are out and about! Moving into our rig permanently in 4 days!

  • Avatar

    Timothy Brewer

    For us Full-time RVers its important to know via what shipper (USPS. UPS, FEDEX) and how fast the CLEAR2O vendor ships and from where? I checked their FAQ and could find any shipping information. TIA

    • Avatar


      I have sent an email requesting more info for the FAQs for us full timers. Shipping is always an issue on the road! I will keep ya posted.

  • Avatar

    Jeffry G Crooks

    Thanks for the information. I have a dual cartridge whole house filtration system on my coach and have been looking for filter that filters to 1 micron. For a future upgrade to my system I plan on adding a UV light that kills bacteria that gets past the filters.

  • Avatar


    Along with Tami’s request…I understand you said you flush/clean the DirtGuard pre-filter each time you move, so also do you know how long that will last before replacing it? And then again, how long do you think the 1 micron filter will last..and how would you know anyway?

    Thanks for all your hard video work…it’s been a pleasure and inspirational watching you travel.

  • Avatar

    Tami Rossignol

    PART TWO: sorry, I forgot to ask how often you clean out the dirt guard part and how often you have to buy the smaller filter?

    • Avatar


      Rinse the dirtguard every time we move. The smaller filter lasts much longer now but how long it lasts will vary on how bad the water is.

  • Avatar

    Tami and John Rossignol

    Hi Phil and Stacy, We have a whole house filter inside our “basement” where we plug in our water to the spigot. The literature says to change every 6 months, which we do. But we have a tester from our Zero Water table top pitcher and when we test the water that comes through the inside tap, it varies from 070 to 700 Total Dissolved Solids in Parts per Million. It’s incredible how different the water tastes after we filter that tap water again through the Zero water filter. All this is to say, I’d love to get rid of the Zero water pitcher just because it takes up space and the filters are 12-15$ a piece…sometimes changing them in 2 weeks…Soooo, my question is do you also have an on board filter plus this Clear 2 in line filter? What do you use to test your water?

    Thanks for posting this info!

    • Avatar


      We also have an onboard house filter that is 5 microns. We wanted to filter at least 1 micron and like the ability to rinse out the 20 micro every time we unhook. We have only tested pH but thanks for the idea. We will have to do this!

    • Avatar


      Giardia cysts are typically ovoid, and measure from 10 to 15 µm in length, and from 7 to 10 µm in width, with the cyst wall being approximately 0.3 µm thick.
      So, it may the Giardia wall size thickness that has you concerned.

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