• Soup Ingredents

    Road Recipies: Pasta e Fagioli Soup

    Cold weather has set in so it is time for a steamy bowl of soup. This hearty soup will fill the belly and warm the soul. It is easy to make and it is perfect for leftovers. I use my instant pot all the time especially now that we are full time in the RV. Soups are perfect recipes! After just a few minutes of steaming in the instant pot, soups taste like they have been simmering all day. Although, Phil is not usually a fan of soups if I make it hardy enough or throw cheese on it he won’t complain too much! Be sure to check out our…

  • RV cooking

    RV Cooking Tips & Meal Planning

    Cooking in an RV is not that much different from cooking in a sticks and bricks. You can still make all of your favorite foods and fill all those hungry bellies! Trust me no one will starve and that includes Phil! But there are a few things to think about before dinner is made. Today, I thought I would share some RV cooking tips that I have learned since I hit the road full time. Plan Meals Based on RV Hookups I plan our meals based on what hookups we will have. Although, our Battle Born batteries can handle everything I throw at them they will still eventually need charging.…

  • Chicken Caprese Salad

    Road Recipes: Chicken Caprese Salad

    I have to be honest, I would much rather eat than cook. But if you know us then you also know we don’t miss many meals in the Farley house. And after receiving so many requests to know what and how we cook on the road I thought I would share a few of my favorite recipes. This Chicken Caprese Salad recipe will end up one of your favorites! Even Phil loves it! Marinade This salad is so delicious thanks to the amazing marinade that coats the chicken, tomatoes, and asparagus. You can marinate the chicken and veggies the night before or just an hour before cooking. Whatever works best…

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