Make Your RV Shine: Easy RV Cleaning Tips

We are frequently asked how we keep Ruby, our 2016 Tiffin 33AA Allegro RED, so clean. Keeping something as large as a class A motorhome clean can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Make your RV shine with these cheap, easy, and simple tips.

Break Up the Job

Dividing the job into smaller chunks makes it much more manageable. It usually takes about three days to complete a detailed cleaning of our Class A motorhome. Start with the roof on day one. Then move to the front cap and a side on day two. And on the third day, finish up with the back cap and the other side.

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RV Cleaning Tips: Step by Step

Taking care of the outside of your RV is not difficult; it just requires a little elbow grease. Here are the steps we use to keep Ruby shining.

Step 1: Roof

Starting at the top and working down ensures the dirt follows the same path. This will prevent dirt and debris from being pushed to an area that has already been scrubbed. Use extreme CAUTION while on the roof, as it will become slippery with the soap and water.

RV cleaning tips, use baby shampoo, you me and the rv

Wash the roof with baby shampoo and white vinegar using a lamb’s wool pad. The baby shampoo is a mild soap that leaves no residue, and the vinegar helps prevent water spots as it dries. They are also very inexpensive and can be found anywhere.

RV cleaning tips, use white vinegar, you me and the rv

The baby shampoo and vinegar are recommended by our RV manufacturer. Check with your RV manufacturer to see what products they recommend to clean your RV. Surfaces may vary from RV to RV.

Step 2: RV Roof Inspection

This is an excellent time to inspect the roof for any problems. Check the roof seams, Eternabond, and Dicor for cuts, tears, or other abnormality that may appear. Inspect the AC shrouds and vent fan covers for cracks. The roof should be inspected routinely.

RV cleaning tips, inspect the roof, you me and the rv
Stacy Climbing on the Roof for Maintenance

If you are unable to climb to on the roof to inspect it hire someone who can. The roof should be inspected routinely. Finding problems early can save a ton of money in the long run. Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured in case they slip and fall.

Step 3: Solar Panels

Clean the solar panels using just water. Soap, even a mild soap like baby shampoo, could leave a film behind. Keeping your solar panels clean will enable them to work as efficiently as possible.

Step 4: Protect the Roof

RV cleaning tips, 303 protectant, you me and the rv

Once the roof is clean and dry, apply 303 Aerospace to protect the roof from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Simply wipe it on with a rag and remove the excess with a clean rag. This ensures the 303 will be applied evenly and removes the excess. Excess 303 will run down the side of the RV creating white streaks.

Keeping the roof in good repair is very important. Preventing problems such as leaks is always a priority. Even if I cannot completely wash the RV, I will apply 303 monthly to protect my investment.

Step 5: Sides of the RV

RV cleaning tips, use lambswool to reduce swirl marks, you me and the rv

Cleaning the side of the RV. Use a lambswool pad and baby shampoo to wash the road grime of the RV. A long broom handle will allow you to reach the top without having to climb up and down a ladder. Making the process much faster.

Step 6: Prevent Water Spots

Now that the RV is all clean, it is time to dry her off. I use a soft shammy to help prevent swirl marks. This step takes the longest because it requires the ladder to reach the high points. Be careful climbing that ladder. We don’t want anyone falling.

Step 6: Glass and Chrome

RV cleaning tips, wash wax all, you me and the rv

I use Wash Wax All to clean the glass and chrome on the RV. The Wash Wax All kit comes with several microfiber rags. I use one to apply it to an area and a second to remove the excess.

Also, Wash Wax All can be used between washings, which keeps Ruby looking good!

Step 7: Tires

RV cleaning tips, protect the tires, you me and the rv

Apply 303 Aerospace after washing the tires. The 303 will add a layer of UV protection to your tires and helps keep them looking new.

Beware: Do not use products that make tires shiny. These products have chemicals that may dry and age tires over time. Make sure the product you use protects your tires.

Step 8: Scratches

RV cleaning tips, remove scratches, you me and the rv

Use Malco Paint Rejuvenator to remove scratches and swirl marks from Ruby’s gel coat. I use a round wax pad to apply the rejuvenator. Once it is shiny, use a rag to remove any excess from the RV. You can also use a buffer with the rejuvenator if you have one.

Tiffin recommends Malco products. Check your manufacturer for the brand they recommend for scratches.

Step 9: Payoff

It is now time to grab a cold beverage, sit back, and admire all your hard work!

Your RV Cleaning Tips

We would love to know your best tip for keeping the RV bright and shiny. Please include any tips we may have left out in the comments below.

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    Jeff & Pat Richards

    Great stuff on cleaning the RV! You two are the reason we decided to pull the trigger and go from no RV to buying a Class A DP. Your advice and experiences are priceless. Thanks so much for letting us learn from you and thank you both for your sacrifices for our great country!

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    Tom Hinrichs

    I too had my years of Navy showers. My first ship, USS Elmer Montgomery, we never had water, and if we did it was either ice or steam. Second ship, USS Spruance, got reverse osmosis units when I got on board. They made so much water that we pumped the excess back over board. Third ship was like the first. In our class C, it is the Navy showers all the way. Sometimes I will go up to the bath house and take a Hollywood…..

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    Judie Bicknell

    You two are my inspiration. Have my RV, will travel. My handle is me and Maggie as soon as I get my CB radio. I am a widow and am handicapped but so tired of staying home. Hope to see you both soon…..Judie

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    Thomas Rogers (The Roving Rogers)

    Phil & Stacy –

    Excellent post! I’ve often wondered how to “eat the elephant” and often never get it done in a day. Your approach makes perfect sense! Hope we can cross paths on the RV Full Time road someplace!

    Tom & Sue “The Roving” Rogers

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