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RV Trip Planning Tools to Make Planning Easy

Have you started to plan your RV trip? We have several tools that we use every time we decide which direction to travel. These tools help us cut our camping budget and help to make trip planning a breeze! I will share our favorite trip planning tools with you in the order in which I actually use them. 

Plan Your RV Trip with These Tools

I will be giving you my tools in the order I actually use them. Of course, I start with the cheapest option first.

1. Boondockers Welcome

If you have been following us on YouTube, you will know how much we love Boondockers Welcome (BW). This is a membership with an annual fee. But if you use it just a few times, it quickly covers the membership fee.  

What I really love about it is the ability to stay multiple nights. We have stayed as long as 7 nights at one location It gives us plenty of time to explore the area and get a little work done. We have also stayed at BW for only one night as we pass through to another destination.

Although the site is called Boondockers Welcome, many hosts offer amenities. We have been lucky enough to have everything from just water to full hookups. The host will list what amenities they offer and what they can accommodate.

We have not been disappointed with any location. Actually, it has been the complete opposite. The hosts have all been so nice and so welcoming. And as you can see in the picture below there are over 2400 hosts worldwide. You can see the map of hosts before you join.

Be sure to use our discount code to save on your Boondockers Welcome membership! Code: YMRV

*****Please note: Boondockers Welcome is the only planning tool in this blog that currently does not have an app. The picture above was edited in photoshop to add the logo.*****

Over 2400 Host Locations all over the Globe!

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2. Harvest Host

After Boondockers Welcome, I look for Harvest Hosts. We love this membership program. It reminds us to slow down and not be in such a hurry to the next destination. I enjoy the journey when we stop at a Harvest Host.

We have veered off our course to stay at a Harvest Host, and each time it was well worth it! They offer overnights at so many types of businesses, including wineries, breweries, golf courses, farms, museums, and amusement parks. As of this writing, they have over 1100 locations to choose from. And it beats a Walmart overnight every day of the week!

We also just happen to have a discount code for Harvest Hosts so be sure to use it to save on your membership. Code: YouMeRV

3. RV Trip Wizard

This is where we really dig in! RV Trip Wizard is hands down my favorite RV travel planning tool. I tried several others initially, but they did not flow as well as RV Trip Wizard (RVT). At this point, I would be lost without it!

I don’t know what I would do without it. But for those of you who have not heard of RVT, it is a fantastic trip planning tool with over 20k campgrounds with reviews!! You can search for any type of camping from BLM, COE, to state parks with the filter tool.

Then you can build your trip. It is easy to use and keeps me organized. I have this crazy fear of showing up at a campground on the wrong day! RVT makes sure that does not happen! 

The video below will walk you through RV Trip Wizard.

There have been a lot of recent changes with RVT. It is now bundled with other RV LIFE apps for the same price. If you already have RV Trip Wizard, all you need to do is download the app and log in with your current user name and password.

Here are a some of the things the RV Life app will do for you

  • Search for campgrounds as you drive down the road using the same filters in the computer RVT version: park type, hookups, amenities, big rig friendly, pet friendly, etc 
  • You will have over 10 million (yes, I said million) data points for campgrounds including pictures, reviews, and most importantly cell phone coverage!
  • Download your route from RVT for turn by turn directions and unlike our Garmin 770 updates are automatic!
  • Input your RV dimensions for a safe RV route based on the size of your RV
  • BONUS: You can download your route and use it offline. If you lose signal while you are out in the middle of nowhere (which happens all the time in state and national parks), you won’t lose your routing info.

They are also working to include Maintain my RV to their bundle. This app is very cool and provides a lot of features our maintenance spreadsheet does not offer. My favorite feature is the ability to upload your maintenance receipts! With limited space in the RV who wants to hold on to all that paper! 

If you haven’t signed up for RV Trip Wizard (maybe I should start calling it the RV Life bundle) check out their 7 day free trial. It will give you time to play around with the entire bundle before you commit. But I am warning you, once you start using RV Trip Wizard, you will not go back to your old way of planning.  

4. EFS Fuel App

Once I have our route figured out, I head to our EFS fuel app. I use the app to find the cheapest fuel for Ruby. I want to make sure I am paying the lowest price, so I plan our fuel stops ahead of time. This app is available for anyone who has signed up for the RV Fuel Savings Program.

If you use diesel (RV or Truck), the RV Fuel Savings program is a must! We have saved as much as 72 cents per gallon! It is easy and free to sign up for the program. Find out all the details in TSD Logistics RV Fuel Savings Program, including the link to sign up!

5. Allstays

The last tool I use is Allstays. I use this app to search for a variety of different RV needs. This app will help you find RV dump stations, rest stops, propane, and overnight parking (Walmart, casinos, Dicks, REI, Cracker Barrel, etc.). I use this app before and during our travels. It is a must!

The app has a one time fee of $9.99, and it is well worth the cost! 

Bonus Tool: Mileage Keeper

I have been using Mileage Keeper for well over a year to track more than my fuel costs. I have set up categories to track our expenses on tolls, propane, def, and truck washes for Ruby. It is so easy to use, and it’s FREE! It is a great way to track RVing costs that seem to get lost or forgotten about. 

Need More RV Trip Planning Help?

RV Trip Planning: Step by Step will walk you through the process of RV trip planning. It will make trip planning easy!

Want to save money on camping costs? Be sure to check out our Top Tips to Cut Your Camping Costs.

Plan Your RV Trip with Our Tools

We hope these RV trip planning tools make trip planning easier for you. And hopefully, it will save you a few bucks along the way! These RV planning tools are my tried and true RV trip planning tools!

Thanks for Dropping By

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Virtual Hugs, Phil and Stacy

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  • Avatar

    Mary J Goodman

    Hi Guys,
    I made a BIG mistake and deleted our Allstays app. We have android phones. I can not download or find Allstays in an app store. Please help if you can!
    Love you videos and blogs! Keep up the good work!
    Mary and Wain Goodman

  • Avatar

    Dawn&Tex Nolan

    Phil & Stacy,

    Ya’ll, have excited us to get on the road. However, we can’t do it for two more years. But every purchase we make now we ask our selves, “Will this be usable in the RV, Will it fit in the RV?” We have not purchased our RV, that happens next year.

    Great job on your videos and look forward to watching them as they come out.

    The Milage Keeper sounds great and I’ll check it out. We use and it’s app, It apparently does the same thing. So if you get a chance to compare prior let us know, otherwise I may get back with you and let you know what I find different. The one thing that I enjoy about Fuelly is it’s ability to remind me to jeck my tires, rotation per milage, my air filter changes per milage, and it’s ease of use to input oil changes and when I want to change or check the physical guage under the hood.

    Keep Safe, and one day we will see ya’ll on the road.

  • Avatar

    Elizabeth M Hosley

    Hi Stacy and Phil, Thanks for all the great information in all your videos and blogs. I just signed up for Boondockers Welcome and I wanted to let you know that the discount code YMRV was deemed invalid. No big deal but wanted you to know.

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