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Progressive Industries Surge Protector Will Keep Your RV Safe

Protecting the RV’s appliances, electronics, and electrical systems are a top priority for us. The last thing we want to do is fry our equipment or worse, start a fire! Our Progressive Industries EMS PT50x RV surge protector gives us peace of mind every time we plug into a pedestal.

One of the very first purchases we made for the RV (Ruby), even before we had physical possession, is our portable Progressive Industries EMS PT50X.  What is that you ask?  It is an Electrical Management System with Surge Protector for 50-amp service. Progressive also has a unit for 30-amp service. The goal of the surge protector is to protect the RV against voltage fluctuations, power surges, and incorrectly wired shore power which can cause severe and costly damage to the RVs electrical system, appliances, and any other electronic gear.

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Find the best RV EMS for your RV. Having an EMS is an important part of protecting your motorhome, camper, travel trailer or 5th wheel.

Setup Checklist

Our portable EMS-PT50X is a part of our set-up checklist.  When we pull into a campground the very first thing we do is determine if the power pedestal has good, clean power. After ensuring the pedestal breaker is off, the EMS is plugged into the pedestal WITHOUT Ruby’s power cord.  Once plugged in, the breaker is turned on and the EMS runs through its checks. When the checks are completed the code E-0 should appear which indicates the pedestals power supply is normal and safe to use.

Progressive EMS Error Codes

Progressive Industries surge protector Error Codes chart, You me and the rv

Error codes E-1 to E-6 appear on the EMS screen it indicates there is a problem with the pedestal diesen beitrag lesen. You should report the error to the campground staff and have them look at your power pedestal.  If they can’t troubleshoot and repair the pedestal, request a different site. Do not plug your RV into the power pedestal until it has been repaired.

The error codes E-7 to E-10 indicate a problem with the surge protector itself and requires you to call Progressive Industries tech support for assistance. The number is located on the side of the surge protector.

Our Experience with a Bad Power Pedestal

It Can Happen to Anyone

Bad campground power pedestals can really ruin your day. There are numerous examples of RVers plugging into bad pedestals and zapping their electrical systems. Our friend, Julie from Chickery’s Travels had her electrical system zapped due to a power surge from the pedestal. And of course, it happened while she was in Florida in the summer, while her husband was out of town on business! To see how she managed to repair her RV check out Julie’s blog post.

Why Progressive EMS

Progressive industries surge protector, you me and the rv
Our Progressive EMS

The benefits of the Progressive Industries surge protectors include the weather-resistant shield cover, bright LED display, rugged pull handle, and a locking bracket to help keep your investment from walking.  They also provide a lifetime warranty!  Now that is truly standing behind your product!  We also love that it is designed and engineered right here in the good ol US of A!!!  

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Head to Amazon to find out more information or to purchase your own 50 amp or 30 amp Progressive EMS Surge Protector.

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