Big Changes: Tiffin Service Center Drunk Driver Rampage

We just finished a week-long stay in Red Bay, Alabama, to have repair work done on our Allegro RED. While there, we discovered some changes to the Tiffin Service Center check-in procedure. A drunk Tiffin owner crashed their RV into a service bay during an angry rampage. Let’s talk about what really happened with that drunk driver and the new check-in procedure that followed.

Tiffin Service Center

Our first visit to the Tiffin Service Center was in December 2018. We had a list of minor repairs for our Allegro 33aa. In the video below, we review the work we had done and what it cost us. Take a minute to check out our first visit to Tiffin.

Our First Visit to Tiffin Service Center

Drunk Driver at Tiffin

Smashed RV in Tiffin service bay
Brand New Phaeton in Tiffin Service Center

Unfortunately, the wrath of an angry woman inspired Tiffin to make some changes to its check-in procedure.

This brand new rig was in the service bay for a minor repair and was to be delivered to its new owner the next day. But as you can see, that did not happen.

According to our source at Tiffin, a woman caused the damage because she was angry about her wait time. She believed her rig should have already been in a bay, and she was tired of waiting.

The woman argued with her husband about how long they had been waiting for a bay. She decided she would wait no longer, hopped into the driver’s seat, put her motorhome in drive, and slammed it into the back of the Phaeton.

The drunk woman had to be cut out of her RV and suffered minor injuries. She was arrested along with her husband and faces charges. The Red Bay News posted two articles on the incident: Intoxicated Driver and Tiffin Campground Rampage.

Changes at Tiffin Service Center

Tiffin has decided to put a fence around the service bays and close the first row of campsites. The fence is a safety measure for their employees. This crash is not the first incident in which employee safety has been a concern. The first row had over 50 sites! This dramatically reduces the number of rigs Club Allegro can accommodate. So let’s walk step by step through the check-in process at Tiffin and talk about the changes.

Step 1

Check into the service center. Tiffin does not take appointments, and all work is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Step 2

This is the only change to the check-in procedure.

Rigs under warranty: Rigs under warranty are assigned a campsite at Camp Allegro free of charge.

Rigs outside the year warranty: Rigs outside the warranty cannot stay at Camp Allegro. Owners will be provided a list of local campgrounds during the check-in process. The local campgrounds keep the office staff up to date on availability. For a list of the local campgrounds, click below.

Step 3

Complete all paperwork.  Camp Allegro staff will provide owners with a stack of paperwork to complete, including the list of repair items for your rig. After setting up your site, complete the paperwork and return it to the Camp Allegro office. Turning in the paperwork will get the ball rolling for your repairs.

Step 4

Visit from Norris or Jason. The morning after you turn in the paperwork, someone will come out to your rig to discuss your punch list. Yes, they will come to any of the RV parks in the area that is on their RV park list. This procedure has not changed.

The punch list will be discussed and clarified by Norris (he came to our rig both visits). Based on the punch list, you will be directed to either the full-service bay or the express bay.

The full-service bay provides two technicians and allows you to stay as long as it takes to complete the work. Rigs are only allowed to use these bays if they are less than five years old.

The express bay also provides two technicians but only three hours for service. Rigs can use the express bays for up to 10 years after the manufacture date.

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The RV crash at the TIffin Service center changes everything. This drive went on a rampage. Find out what happened.

Step 5

You will be notified by phone or email of your appointment time. Norris will provide an estimate of your wait time during your meeting. A Tiffin employee will call you once a bay is assigned. Usually, they call the day before, but they could request you come into the bay the same day. Morning appointments are at 7 am, and the technicians work until 3 pm. The only bad part is sitting by the phone. You can’t really go far out to explore because they could call you at any time.

Both of our experiences at the Tiffin Service Center have been positive. We will do all of our repairs and maintenance at Tiffin, if possible.

Our Last Visit to Tiffin Service Center

Check out our second visit to Tiffin. We had a leak in the drain from our kitchen sink repaired and a few other minor items. We discuss the repairs, area campgrounds, and the cost of the repairs in the video below.

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    My question is simple, the rig inside the Tiffany building that got hit by the lady that had been drinking, is the owners of that Rig still liable to take possession of it, or was all Bet’s Off when they discovered it had been damaged.

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    Michael M

    Wow!!!!! Okay, that woman looks like she’s spent time in prison BEFORE. She’s obviously unhinged (at least when she drinks) and that was one heck of a crash. If I were the owner of that Phaeton I would be MAJOR PISSED at that drunk nutcase.

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