TSD Logistics RV Fuel Savings Card

Have you heard about the TSD logistics RV fuel savings card? I am sure by now you have heard all about it from your RV friends. We think it is a great way to save money on your fuel budget. Today we are going to answer all your questions about the card, so keep reading!

TSD Logistics fuel savings card by EFS

How Much Did the TSD Logistics RV Fuel Card Save Us?

We’ve had the card for a couple of months and have been able to use it on four occasions.

  • Pilot: 40+ gal / 0.49 per gallon savings / total savings $19.90
  • Loves: 44+ gal / 0.53 per gallon savings / total savings $23.34
  • Flying J: 31+ gal / 0.37 per gallon savings / total savings $11.63
  • Loves: 29 + gal / 0.50 per gallon savings / total savings $14.54
  • Average savings per gallon: $0.47
  • Total savings after 144 gallons of fuel: $69.41

How the RV TSD Logistics Card Works

  • Savings will fluctuate based on fuel prices and contracts between EFS and the fuel companies.
  • According to TSD, you can save 0.30-0.40 per gallon on average, but you can see we have saved more than that already.
  • Although, you can purchase DEF and other items with your card, discounts are only on fuel.
  • The card can be used at over truck stops** across the country including Loves, TA, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star & Petro.
  • There is a free app you can use with the card to save even more called EFSCardControl. The app will allow you to map the truck stops in your current area. It also shows the current fuel price.
  • The app tracks your spending and discounts.
  • It is free to apply for the card.
  • There are no fees associated with the card.
  • You pay for your purchase like you would a debit card. TSD takes the amount from your checking account in 1-2 days.
  • It is not a credit card.
  • Savings are only obtained from the trucker lanes on diesel, not regular gasoline.
  • A fee of 0.65 may appear on some transactions. The fee is charged by the gas station, not TSD. So far we have not seen this fee.

**TSD no longer has a contract with Pilot/Flying J. This does not mean they will not be able to work together in the future.

TSD Logistics fuel card app
Free App to Track Your Savings

How Does TSD Logistics Make Money

  • TSD makes a profit from a portion of your savings. They take 10% of the money saved with your discount. For example, we saved $19.90 from Pilot, and TSD kept $1.90. 
  • If you use the app, it will not show the amount TSD takes from your savings. You will see that on your checking account statement.

Why People Worry About the TSD Logistics RV Fuel Card

cyber security
  • You are required to give TSD your social security number and your checking account number.
  • People are afraid to give out their social security number but if TSD needs to hunt you for down for a payment they need your SSN. They do not do a credit check with your SSN.
  • People worry about hackers getting into their checking account.

Why You Should Not Worry

  • TSD is not a new company it has been around since 1980.
  • They work with large companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, and Firestone.
  • If you are still nervous, you can open a separate checking account just for your TSD card. That is what we did. It won’t help with the social security number but it may give you peace of mind with your checking account. If TSD is ever hacked they will only gain access to the small amount you keep in the TSD checking account.
  • But just so you know TSD works hard to keep your account secure and prevent hacking.
TSD Logistics charity partners
Charities TSD Sponsors

How to Get a TSD Logistics RV Fuel Card

  • Fill out the application.
  • You can also print the form and mail or fax it if you prefer.
  • It takes about 1-3 weeks for processing.
  • Once you are approved your card will be mailed to you.

****UPDATE: There is a new secure application procedure that will require all information when you apply for the card including banking info and social security number.

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The TSD RV Fuel Savings Card can save you money every time to fill your RV's diesel tank. The next time you take your camper, RV or travel trailer camping you will want the TSD Fuel savings card. Find out what you need to know about the card and how to sign up for this FREE savings card.

TSD Logistics Fuel Program Referral

We are not affiliates or partners with TSD, but they do love it when we spread the word. If you add the name Phil Farley in the ‘referred by’ box, we will receive a $25 gas credit. Thank so much in advance!

Ready to use the card for the first time? We will walk you through the process step by step!

So there you have it!

TSD in a nutshell!!

****UPDATE: There is a new secure application procedure that will require all information when you apply for the card including banking info and social security number.

It’s Worth It!

Do we think it is worth the small risk! Absolutely!! The risk is equal to any other credit card you carry in your pocket right now diesen beitrag lesen! Our current savings of over $69 says it is worth it! We will also continue to track the savings and share them with you at our end of year budget review in May.

Let us know how much you have saved if you already have the TSD card.

Author: Stacy, You, Me & the RV, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 2020


  • Avatar

    Lanny Cox

    I have the Gas Buddy and Fuel Rewards cards; but, do you know of a TSP (or similar) card for gasoline purchases?

  • Avatar


    It really sucks that they lowered the discounts at the truck stops. They are are on average $.20 higher (at least in the mid-west) then most local gas stations. This helps, but it’ll still be worth going to a smaller station to save more. The “Fuel Rewards” app gives $.05-$.10 off many smaller stations that are already cheaper.

    • Avatar


      It is a bummer but the gas prices have dropped about 50% so of course the savings are also going to drop. But it is better than nothing any day of the week.

  • Avatar

    Stephen P McKeon

    Hello. Curious on your decision to upgrade from the ME-RC50 to the ME-ARC50. If I understood right you said it was to allow you to see the SOC of your battery bank. I have the ME-RC50 and have been looking at the ME-ARC50 but have been unable to find a real reason to do this. I did add the ME-BMK to my system and through this I can see my SOC of my battery bank. I have not been overly satisfied with the way I am set up but cannot so far find a better way. I have my inverter (MS2812) set to start bulk charging the batteries at 13.1 volts. Originally I had this set for 13.2 volts but found that my batteries would start bulk charging at 96 – 98% charge and I have been told /read that it is very bad to keep lithium batteries at a full state of charge, that I should let them go down to 80% SOC and then cycle to to 100%, let them go down to 80%, charge them to 100%….repeat. Unfortunately, at 13.1 volts it seems they go down to the low 70% SOC, sometimes to the 60’s. I am also unsure if this is bad..or good. Anyway, I have been looking for a way to turn on bulk charging when the battery bank reaches 80% (a minus 240 amp hour discharge). All I can find through Magnum is read only SOC that does not allow you to take action on it. Am I miss reading the ME-ARC50 docs? I know they allow more control but I have not seen that this is one of the differences.

    Any comments/suggestions you would like to offer would be appreciated.

  • Avatar

    Jacob Ross Westby

    just applied for TSD card put you as referral thank you for letting us know about this service. Do you know anything about the RV advisor?

  • Avatar


    Do we know if this works with a regular SUV? My SUV takes diesel, but many times the size of the nozzle is an issue, Does anyone know if the truck lanes commonly have a smaller nozzle that is required for a passenger vehicle?

  • Avatar

    Robert Foster

    I just received the following email this morning from TSD Logistics. It appears they are cutting their discounts to almost what we can get simply by having a Loves Card, Pilot Card, etc.
    Has anyone else received this e-mail?Good morning TSD fuel customers.

    “We are pleased to announce that we now serve over 21,000 customers. Welcome to the family and thank you for making the TSD Fuel Program one of the fastest growing benefit opportunities in the RV World!

    We would also like to extend a very special thank you to those who have given so many referrals to our program and continue to provide peer-to-peer support for your fellow RV’ers out there.

    Recently we have expanded our discount network to include Cash Magic. If you find yourself in or around Louisiana, be sure to check out their great fuel prices!

    As a reminder, our current discount partnerships include: TA (varies) , Petro (varies), Loves (16 cents off retail), SAAP Brothers (12 cents off retail), Road Ranger (20 cents off retail), Ambest (5 cents off retail), Kwik Trip (10 cents off retail) and Kwik Star (10 cents off retail) and Cash Magic (varies).

    If you fuel outside the network, we do not have a contract with those stores and cannot control what rates are showing on the EFS app. Please check the pump price before you fuel outside of our network stores. The price that shows on the pump will be the price you pay, not what is showing on the app.

    We are working hard to expand our network and have reached out to many other chains around the country. We will keep you posted as more are added. In the meantime, our daily rates can be found online @ www. Password Hampton7970.

    Stay safe out there!


  • Avatar


    One thing nobody brings up is that you must have an account at a U.S. bank. Being from Canada we have a U.S. dollar account but it is at our Canadian bank. This is no good for them – it must be a U.S. bank. The program may be fine for full time Canadians or ones that are snowbirds but otherwise it is not viable. My boss has the card because he spends about 5 months in the U.S. and has an account at a bank out of Florida so he is okay. Unfortunately this program excludes a number of Canadians but I have never seen this noted in any articles about the program.

  • Avatar


    I got the card in January per your recommendation (and I mentioned Phil for referral!) All we going swimmingly until a driver @ a Loves came behind me and filled up another $350 on my card even though I had replaced both nozzles believing the transaction complete. TSD were great to refund the additional charge (even my 150 gallon tank couldn’t take $500 worth!) and it was easy enough for Loves to work out with their surveillance system. Bottom line – be careful to make sure your transaction is finalized before you move out. And TSD are honorable!

    I am totally bummed about losing Pilon/FlyingJ. I loved going there and built up a great deal of rewards. Their RV discount card is a joke comparatively. They have lost me as a customer. I guess Loves will be my new …. love.

    • Avatar

      Jim Harvey

      …and now Loves has reduced their discount to a company-wide $.16/gallon regardless of where the fuel is purchased. Right now the best savings are with TA/Petro.

  • Avatar


    We applied for our TSD card 2 weeks ago so we would have it before our full time life begins. Only took a week to get our card in the mail. Based on comments I saw, I was expecting the card to arrive right before we made the transition. Haven’t needed to use the card yet but seeing the TSD price via the app makes me happy we have it.

  • Avatar

    Mike & Donna

    Opened up new checking acct and just completed our application ~ used your referral name. Thank you for all the info. Mike is currently doing OR State Park Hosting volunteering off and on. Getting house ready to put up for sale and will hopefully be in our 5th wheel full time by Oct. I will be working full time the last 3 months of the year remotely from the trailer and will transition into part-time retirement as of Jan 2021. Looking forward to the next chapter of our life.

  • Avatar

    Jeffrey R Davis

    I recently applied for the card. A couple of more thoughts for when you apply.

    1. DO NOT give them your account number with the on-line application. The form actually warns you of that even though there is a space for it (I believe that is retained for corporate accounts). They WILL call you for that information. You can give them the routing number and bank name as that info is public domain anyway (I am a recently retired bank executive).

    2. When they call, the number will likely get placed as spam and if you have spam blocking apps, the number will get blocked. I only accidentally figure out what it was about after recovering and listening to the VM they left with the legitimate call back number they left. Once I called them, I retained the number as a contact for future reference.

    Nice people and I look forward to using the card.

    Oh….and for those fearing loss of information/money….Regulation E puts your risk of loss at $50 for electronic funds transaction as long as you take reasonable care to protect your information, so the potential risk is minimal even if you are compromised on the account. Talk to your specific bank about this regulation for more info.

  • Avatar

    John Dekle

    Appreciate the info on TSD. Changing Lanes mentioned it recently but you filled in all the gaps so I applied for a card and gave your name as the one who referred me to them. I look forward to the savings.

  • Avatar


    Hey, I am disappointed I cannot use this card for Gas fill-up on my Class C motor home.

    Is there anyway to use this card for a GAS FILL UP ?



  • Avatar

    Dennis R Wenger

    I’m just a little confused with the mixing of the terms “gas” with fuel. This is works with savings on diesel, correct?

    Iow, with my gas Class C, I would not see any advantage?

    Regardless, the video was very informative.

    • Avatar

      Kevin Klein

      Hello Phil and Stacy,
      After watching many of the YouTube’s that my wife and I follow, I finally pulled the trigger in getting the TSD fuel card, using Phil as a reference. Phil was the best one to explain how it works. We are going full time RVing on the first of May. We have a Ram 3500 pulling a TT but are hoping to get into a 5th wheel by years end. We are going to Quartzite this weekend and the fuel card will help out. We are hoping to cross paths with you in our travels. Thanks again!

      • Avatar


        It will be 6 months to a year before we are ready to buy our RV and begin traveling. Should I wait to sign up for the TSD fuel card or do it now?

        • Avatar


          It doesn’t cost anything to have the card. You can sign up whenever! As long as you are planning to get a diesel you will be all set.

  • Avatar

    Michele Kassahn

    You said only good at truck lines, Can I fill up my f250 diesel in those lines or can I use car line diesel? I hate to annoy truck drivers.

      • Avatar

        Lynn Feltner

        The nozzles on the pumps in the commercial lanes are too big to fit our 3500, so we have no choice but to use the regular lanes. A total bummer because we would be all too happy to find a discount like this on diesel!

    • Avatar

      Jim Simpson

      The card is only good for diesel fuel and you have to use the truck lanes. I had a trucker come over to explain that I could fill up the diesel truck in the car lanes instead of waiting in the truck lanes. I explain that we had a Fleet Card and the savings we were getting . He stated he didn’t think that his company was getting that good of price for fuel.

    • Avatar


      You can fillup in the trucker lanes. Some truckers may be annoyed just as they are annoyed when we drive through with our class A even though we do not fit in the car lanes. As long as you drive in, fill and keep moving it will be fine. Besides, you will fill quickly compared to the truckers.

  • Avatar

    Jim Simpson

    The wife and I Love your videos. We saw another channel (Changing Lanes) that talked about the card. Just went on a trip from Wisconsin to North Carolina and Florida then west to New Orleans and back home. We where driving our pickup truck and used the card 8 times for a total savings of $78.39. It was great not having to go in to the truck stop. Safe travels and keep up the good work.

    • Avatar


      OK, I’m confused. Jim Simpson says he used the card for his pickup truck. Was it a dually with the big-nozzle access? We have a 3500 with smaller tank access and have not been able to fill up on the commercial side of the truck stops but would love to, not only for speedy fillups, but also for the access to water to top off our water tank. Is there no solution for us 5th-wheel tow vehicles if we don’t have a dually? Thanks for your help.

  • Avatar


    Very timely video and info on the TSD fuel program as I had been planning on looking into this. Saw your video today which answered all my questions and signed up listing Phil as the referred by…. Thanks for the information!

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