What RV GPS do you use?

We have used several different RV specific GPS devices and have found they all screw up eventually! Things like sharp turns, crazy routes that don’t make sense, and mountain roads that we should not be on. I was even told by several professional truckers that even their rig friendly GPS has failed them.

So always check your route before you roll. Look for bridges, tunnels, tolls, and dirt roads. Here are the GPSs I have tried.

  • Tiffin in Dash: used only for Phil to see the overall route. It is the most painful to update so we don’t!
  • Garmin 770 (Latest version Garmin 780): This is our main navigator offizielle website
  • RV Life App: We have used this app several times without a problem.
  • CoPilot App: We used this when we caravaned with Life Beyond the Burbs and it worked great.
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