What RV insurance do you have?

We have Progressive for our full time RV insurance carrier. We have found it to be the least expensive for us. In the first year, we paid $1900 for full time coverage, and last year it increased to $2100. Not all insurance companies cover full time RVers so if you plan to go full time make sure you have the right coverage.

Shop around for the best rate. When we went full time we had USAA for our vehicles. They do not cover full time RVers so they referred us to Progressive suivez. The rate they quoted us was more expensive than the Progressive rate outside of USAA.

We used an Insurance broker the last time we shopped for insurance. It was so much easier to find the best rate. We used Twyla Kaduce from FCIS Insurance and she did a great job for us. You can reach her at (We are not affiliates and will not benefit from you using Twyla. She did a great job for us so we are passing her name on). 

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