Why did you get rid of the tow dolly?

When started full time RV life we had two cars that were paid in full a 2015 Acura TLX and a 2014 Fiat 500. With the many expenses of full time life adding up we chose to dolly tow one of our cars.

The Fiat did not work well on the tow dolly. The wheelbase was so narrow if we were just a few inches to the right or left while loading it the car could slide off and fall between the ramps. I hated driving up the dolly in that car especially while slipping and sliding in the rain.

The Acura did not work because it sat to low on the dolly. The Acura was so low when we drove it up on the dolly the ramps would hit the spoiler causing a lot of damage. We damaged the driver’s side door when the wheel cover dug into it when we got stuck at a gas station. Although, Phil loved that car it was just not practical to drag around behind our RV.

The tow dolly took up a lot of space at our campsites, especially small state parks. The dolly could also be hard to move around the site on hills, gravel, in the rain, on and off concrete pads. It just was not for us.

If you are planning to flat tow never trust anyone on a vehicle’s ability to be towed 4 wheels down. Always check the owner’s manual. The Dinghy Towing Guide is another great resource.

For more detail about why we ditched the dolly check out this video.

We answered many questions in the comments of Divorcing Dolly in the video below.

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